10 Creative Ways To Spread Cancer Awareness At Workplace


There are a lot of changes that have shaped society into what it is now. People are more aware of situations and things. Be it some new-age technology or a medical issue, knowing about the cause, how to combat the situation, and other related things are easier. Take an example of cancer for that instance. If we were to talk about cancer about a decade ago, we would get raised eyebrows and ignorant faces. 

True, people need to be well aware of this and treat the sufferer as equal. But that can only be done when the common man knows about it. Believe it or not, the workplace is one area where people need the most awareness. So, here are 10 ways that can help you in spreading cancer awareness at the workplace.

  1. Educate your staff members

One of the best ways to spread cancer awareness is to educate your staff members. According to research, it has been seen that 1 Indian out of every 10 people in the country will be diagnosed with cancer at some point or other in their lives. Therefore, with this data, it has become even more important to spread awareness of cancer in the workplace. Just like any other thing, awareness regarding cancer is also important and very essential for common people. 

To educate people in your workplace, you can simply call for a session. If you don’t have the power to do that, talk to the person who can. You can take a few weekly sessions and tell people about the symptoms, preventions, effects, and how they can detect this problem early.

  1. Set fitness challenges

It is a fact that fat (obesity) is the reason for many problems and people know about that. Obesity not only increases your body weight but the chance of getting various problems too. One of them being cancer. Yes, you heard that right! Also, a lethargic lifestyle is a reason for this problem. So, to spread awareness amongst people, you can simply host or ask the authorities to host fitness challenges/ competitions. At least you can do this activity once every 3 months. 

For regular activities, you can motivate or find ways to motivate people to take stairs instead of the lift. If you want to take this to a new level, simply ask your co-workers to post videos of their physical activities. 

  1. Get designer clothes

It is a world where funky has become the new normal. People love to have different things. Funky t-shirts have also become normal for people. So, what you can do is ask your teammates to wear custom clothes that could somehow make your co-workers aware of cancer and initiate a chain where they also get to know about various things. You can look for motivational quotations that can suit your t-shirt. If you fail to come across an ideal solution, you can connect with Designhill for the same. 

  1. You can choose an event too

To educate people about cancer, you don’t have to choose a month or day. It can be done any time of the year and whenever you want. Throughout the year, there are multiple festivals and events that are organized in the workplace. If you want, you can use one of these events for your mini awareness campaign. During this event, right from a speech to creating a short drama, you can do anything. 

To make it obvious, your team members or the people taking part in the event can wear different design clothes that would depict their cause. They can also choose to wear specific colored clothes too. 

  1. Organize an event on World Cancer Day

To educate and aware people of cancer, there might not be any day better than 4th February which is also known as World Cancer Day. So, you can simply create an event schedule and let people know about it. You can motivate people across different sections of your team and last them to prepare accordingly. Even for the preparation, they would have to read and know about it. Isn’t this what you wanted from the beginning?

  1. Hosting a fundraiser can also work

Every organization does something for a good cause and you can motivate your organization for the same. One of the best ways to make your teammates and others in the workplace be aware of cancer is to host a fundraiser. If you can just step forward to financially help a small/ local cancer hospital, a cancer research centre or something like that. Not just that, you can take a group of your colleagues and interact with the doctors there and learn about the entire thing. There are several activities too that you can do at the fundraiser.

  1. Set up free screening events

Now, just educating people and letting them know what cancer is and how deadly it can be is not the only thing. You need to help them in taking it one step forward. Most people who are proactive would simply get their screening done but what about those who are still shy about this (there would be a lot of people). So, for them, you can distribute coupons that will give them a chance for cancer screening. 

There are so many types of cancers and giving out such coupons will help people in diagnosing it earlier or detect if they have any kind of cancer in their body or not. 

  1. Invite a winner

Yes, that might be a bit difficult but you will surely get someone and convincing them would be easy. All you need to do is connect with a hospital and look for a patient who has successfully won the battle of cancer. This person can motivate a lot of people to visit a doctor and get themselves screened for the same. You simply have to organize a meeting with the person, it can be online too. 

Let the session be of 1 hour or more as per the allowance given by the company and then let the person talk about the entire journey. Not only will it help people know cancer better but also give them an edge. People who get diagnosed will also know what to do next.

  1. Volunteering is also important

Yeah, if nothing works or you don’t get permission to do any of the above-given things, the best thing then to do is simply stand up for the ones who have been suffering from this problem. Call your colleagues and ask them to be a volunteer for the good cause. They can simply come with you on a weekend to a nearby cancer hospital and help the cancer patient. 

  1. Contribution of funds and other resources

Last but not least, you can simply help people coming out from low-income families with funds and other resources. You can help them with some generous donations and with things that would make their stay at the hospital comfortable.


Given above are 10 ways by which you can not only spread cancer awareness at the workplace but also help people. You can help your colleagues in breaking the shackles and speaking out about their problems. There is always so much more to a single problem, and when it comes to cancer. It is always good to get all the help you can. 


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