5 Steps to Starting a Cleaning Business


Cleaning businesses range from residential to commercial cleaning services. It is thus crucial when deciding to start a cleaning business to establish the focus of your services at the beginning. This is mainly because the initial investment depends on your team’s size, the price of the supplies and equipment, and the competitive rates in your domestic market.

Establishing a cleaning business from scratch is simple and relatively affordable, especially if you intend to do the cleaning yourself. All you need to get started is cleaning supplies and a positive attitude.

The best thing about running a cleaning business is its flexibility. Depending on your goals, objectives, and schedule, you can do as little or as much as you wish.

Here are five steps to starting a cleaning business;

Prepare a sound business plan

The first step in any business venture involves preparing a concise and clear business plan that sets out your objectives, business purpose, and future goals. Before you start a cleaning business, it is essential that you set out your objectives and plan where you want your business to go.

Define the type of services that your business will offer

Before starting up a cleaning business, it is crucial to establish the kind of services that you intend to provide and the price structure for the services. This entails narrowing your focus to a particular niche. For instance, one may choose to focus on residential cleaning or provide commercial cleaning services.

This is important for marketing and branding purposes and makes purchasing the necessary equipment easy.

While planning this step, it is vital to call other cleaning companies in your area to find out what services they offer and how much their services cost. It ensures you understand the type of service and a suitable price to attract more business to your company.

Find and attract clients

After preparing your business plan and setting out the services you will provide, the next step is to start marketing your business. You can do this on a free or paid platform based on your marketing budget. For example, one may opt to use Facebook, Google My Business, Yellow Pages, business websites, etc.

Purchase supplies

This step entails acquiring the relevant supplies to enable you to start taking up business immediately. Based on the scope and size of your business, you may decide to start small by only getting the necessary supplies before expanding the business.

Register the business

You can opt to operate your cleaning business as a sole proprietor or in a partnership with another person. In addition, you can register the business as a limited liability corporation if you wish to separate your personal and business finances. Registration of business and appropriate tax documentation is essential for commercial cleaning services with corporate clients.


A cleaning business may appear simple, but it requires hard work. If you want to establish a thriving cleaning business, you may consider venturing into the commercial cleaning industry and focusing on providing commercial cleaning services.


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