8 Innovative Custom Boxes Design Ideas for Cigarettes Boxes

custom pre roll packaging

The cigarette industry has been in decline for years, but tobacco companies are fighting back. They have started to introduce innovative packaging for their designed cigarettes. It makes them more appealing and less harmful.

The custom pre roll packaging industry is one of the most regulated and competitive industries in the world. With regulations, bans, and heavy taxes on cigarettes, it can be difficult for a business to stay afloat.

So, what do you do when your competition has the edge over you? You create custom packaging boxes that will set your product apart from all others! We will discuss 8 of the most innovative custom boxes design ideas available on the market today.

These custom boxes can be a great investment if you want your emerging vape businesses to stand out from competitors!

Top 8 Custom Boxes for Pre-Rolls


Gabriel is a brand of hand-blown glass with an innovative design that includes bamboo and orange accents. In addition, their Brooklyn iced tea flavor will be sure to leave you feeling refreshed, even on the hottest summer day!

High Season

High Season boxes feature a sleek metallic blue design on matte black paper. In addition, the packaging includes a match compartment, and you can use it without a lighter!

It is always risky because they might say no! custom-branded filters finally finished up high season’s package. It uses their color range of logo as part of the final touch that ties everything together nicely.

Emjayze Hemp Goods

The Emjayze Hemp Goods brand uses cigarette-style packaging that is made of pure hemp. Amos Lozano, the founder, and CEO of this company, has a vision for his product line to be used in multiple ways, from clothing to paper products.

They tailor everything they do toward using industrial hemp as its organic material. Time after time with all sorts of different items like their boxes which are designed. They are sustainable because they want customers who are conscious about what they buy.

Royal Reserve Pre-Roll

Royal Reserve decided to go a different route with their packaging. By designing paper tubes instead of traditional glass containers. Royal Reserve’s choice in design helps give their product a premium and natural feel. People love what they offer.

It is also emphasizing cleanliness because both parts can be recycled or thrown away without having any residual chemicals left on them from earlier uses. With bright colors, eye-catching designs, and slim profiles – it is no wonder why this company has grown over the past ten years!

Royal Reserve shied away from using typical plastic bags when they designed these new products. It resulted in an eco-friendly alternative. Paper Tubes have become popular among consumers as well. They make smoking marijuana discreetly easier than before, thanks to being able to fold them up and put them in your pocket.

Finally, custom cigarette boxes have been on the rise as well. Because they are more affordable than ever before, thanks to companies like Custom Boxes Wholesale. It offers wholesale prices with custom packaging options that will meet all of our needs.


Canndescent pre-roll packs have been a great hit in the cannabis industry. They are ranging from their sleek and clean methodology to mood-based strains. The individual pack of varied Canndescent options has Calm, Creative, and Charge capsules for any situational need!

One of the most appreciated benefits for this company is its wide selection of strains. You can find anything from Calming Blends that relieve anxiety and insomnia to creative blends. Calming Blends like Terpene Dreaming or Super Nova, designed to stimulate creativity.

Lowell’s Pre-Rolls

The pre-roll is the perfect smoking experience, at least when you purchase from Lowell’s. They offer high-quality flowers and sustainable packaging that fits with any brand identity.

Besides being one of the first companies to create quarter packs for cannabis consumption, what makes them stand out even more as a company? The answer is their commitment to recycling!

All materials they use are recyclable, including all of their custom branding stamps which can be found on every crutch in each package.

Shadowbox Farms

Shadowbox Farms is an innovative cannabis company that has created a high-quality pre-roll for every occasion. Their variety packs come in branded wooden boxes. Also, have info cards to make sure you know what strain’s perfect for the mood and time of day, as well as how many milligrams are present per puff!

Shadowbox Farms showcases its natural pre-rolls with custom packaging boxes. It is best for an enhanced customer experience.

The specific design of these ‘half a pound’ boxes includes logos. It has different area dispensaries, types, and THC listings. Also, helpful informational cards inside that detail because Shadowbox Farm is the best place to stop by for your next purchase.

Buyers will feel confident about which one they want to pick based on ease of accessibility. Also, the small informative cards are telling them a bit more about each strain available in the store.

Naked Cone

Naked Cone truly lives up to its name, providing a sleek and minimalist feel. The packaging is modern in style but still provides all the necessary information for consumers. This includes clear labeling as well as an interesting feature of pre-rolled joints with kief coating on them!

Naked Cones are certainly living up to their namesake by keeping things simple. Also, without sacrificing any quality or style whatsoever. They provide a clean look that’s perfect for both current trends and customers. They want something low-key yet informative about what they’re buying.

Naked Cone has a sleek, minimalist design that provides all the necessary information. Also, without ever feeling cluttered or overwhelming. The labeling is clear and concise while also including an interesting feature of pre-rolled joints with kief coating on them! This makes for excellent presentation in both long-term storage as well as when it’s sitting out on store shelves.

One of the most appreciated benefits for this company is its wide selection of strains. You can find anything from Calming Blends that relieve anxiety and insomnia to creative blends. Calming Blends like Terpene Dreaming or Super Nova, designed to stimulate creativity.

In addition to its simplicity and minimalistic feel. Naked Cones are producing some truly great-looking custom boxes. It would look fantastic anywhere from your home shelf to outside at festivals!



With all the different options available for custom cigarette boxes wholesale, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. We hope this article has helped make some of those decisions a little easier, and we wanted to provide a few more resources below if you need them.

For example, check out our discount wholesale pricing on any quantity of cigarette packaging supplies, or contact us with questions about how to start getting started designing your own custom box today!


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