ADHD and Hyperfocus

ADHD and Hyperfocus

ADHD and Hyperfocus

Many of the kids in my story are hyperfocused, but not in a way that helps them succeed in life. The students are often found staring into space and lost in their own thoughts, causing them to be a nuisance and a distraction to their teachers.

Hyperfocus or attention to detail (also called hyperarousal) often occur when a person’s brain is overwhelmed. The sensory signals in the brain can’t be properly processed and sent down the body, resulting in exaggerated responses to stressors. This might be a child’s body temperature rising when they are stressed out and the heart pumping faster to help them focus, or it could be hyperactivity or irritability.

What Is Hyperfocus?

Hyperfocus is a term used to describe a user’s ability to quickly latch on to a single task and accomplish that task very effectively. Hyperfocus is being able to make a single thing or behavior your entire focus. There’s no multitasking, no juggling multiple tasks, and no putting one task or activity on the back burner in favor of something else. Hyperfocus is full on. If you’re doing hyperfocus right, you’ll be able to complete a task or a task set in very short order, even in the face of distractions.

The Benefits of Hyperfocus For The Professional

The most impressive consequence of focusing on one thing at a time is how much you learn. When you’re trying to achieve something and there’s a lot of external stimuli coming at you, it’s impossible to tune all of them out. It makes it easier for you to zone in on what you need to accomplish, so that you can concentrate on it more fully.

And on a more practical level, there are many benefits to taking on a single project with laser focus. It keeps you from getting burned out, and will keep you from drowning in distractions and allowing them to distract you.

You’ll be able to get into the head of your writer or marketer or content strategist or marketer and know exactly what they’re thinking, and how they’re approaching the task.

Coping with Hyperfocus

Most people with hyperfocus experience a rather unique thing.

When hyperfocus strikes, all other thoughts, sounds and sensations fall away into the background and become meaningless.

In my case, all other thoughts and sensations are often replaced with pleasant sensations, sounds and tastes.

I call this the focus cliff. I can often be found in my lab with my face inches away from a hot plate of deep-fried food, oblivious to all else around me. This is because I am tuning out everything except what I am working on.

Other people experience their hyperfocus in a different way.

Hyperfocus in Adults

Based on the weblink, it is not possible to learn several languages, play piano and run a business. But, have you ever tried to learn 3 languages at the same time? Don’t bother to answer! You might just be hyperaware of your intentions.

Does The Hyperfocus Effect Show Up?

Yes, without a doubt!

As an entrepreneur, how often do you ask your employees to focus on a task that you might have a second?

When someone is hyperfocused on a task, he will block out distractions. When someone is hyperfocused, he/she will give up on it if he is not able to get what he wants.


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