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At American Health Imaging, we’ve put resources into the most up-to-date imaging equipment to improve the patient experience and give the best diagnostic pictures. These equivalent advancements likewise allow for more noteworthy patient solace and quicker exams, and that implies your alluding doctor will find the solutions they need… rapidly. While you’re managing a mishap, injury or persistent sickness, it’s consoling to know the proficient workflow at American Health Imaging will have you in/out and results to your doctor in a couple of days, not weeks!

Why You Choose American health imagingQuality

• State-of-the-art imaging equipment

• Board-guaranteed radiologists

• Fully certify by the ACR and IAC

• Results accessible in 24 hours


• 25 areas in the Southeast

• Impromptu and following day arrangements

• Ends of the week and nights accessible


• Up to 75% not as much as emergency clinics

• In-network favored protection supplier• Cutthroat self-pay rate

What American health imaging Offer?

State-of-the-art MRI Equipment

1.5T and 3.0T High-Field, Wide-Bore MRIThese machines brag the most grounded magnet field strength accessible in the present healthcare climate, offering patients the amplest conceivable scope of diagnostic services.

Neurologic Brain Evaluations

The high field strength MRI innovation offers perfectly clear representation and recognizable proof of brain cancers, epileptic foci and vascular infection. As per ongoing examinations, the machine likewise even a 21% increment in the detection of various sclerosis sores contrasted with standard-strength MRIs.

Orthopedic Extremities Assessments

The high field strength MRI innovation allows doctors to see cartilage, ligaments, tendons and hard structures in the fine degree of detail important to analysis wounds and sicknesses in the arms, hands and fingers. Eventually, this high goal empowers authoritative findings and more effective, lower risk orthopedic medical procedures.

Superior Full-Body Exams

The high field strength MRI innovation takes out the requirement for breath-holding and offers the wellbeing, speed and high throughput important for routine stomach screenings. With its high field strength, the machine can catch the fine subtleties important to distinguish little sores in the digestion tracts, bosom and prostate, including fringe vascular sickness.

Stand-Up MRI

Stand-up MRI allows our patients to be filtered in the particular positions they experience their aggravation – not simply resting. It likewise allows all body parts to be imaged with the spine and joints in their normal weight-bearing positions. This open solace is particularly great for individuals who are super claustrophobic. Patients particularly like the distraction of staring at the TV during their MRI test at our Stand-up MRI place.

16-Slice Low Dose CT

The dose reduction include found in the CT at American Health Imaging mechanizes the dose as per patient size, weight, and life systems, giving excellent pictures at negligibly required dose.
Our new present day CT framework configuration allows for brilliant patient access and solace. Midsection sweep can be finished with short breath-hold prerequisites yielding profoundly definite pictures. The quick, negligibly obtrusive vasculature assessment of the head, neck, chest, midsection, pelvis, and extremities involving CT Angiography for the quality radiologist are searching for in diagnostics and examination.

State-of-the-Art Service

• Doctor gateways allow you to plan your test before you leave your doctor’s arrangement

• Influence our organization of many specific, board-affirmed radiologists

• All AHI offices are ARC-and IAC-certify, guaranteeing the most noteworthy wellbeing and quality standardsState of the art Software

• Twist metal artifact reduction is a progressive innovation that allows patients with metal screws, plates and joint substitutions to go through protected, effective MRI exams.

• Cutting edge movement reduction innovation acts in much the same way to the picture stabilizers on computerized cameras. This software represents musical movements, like inward breath, exhalation and heartbeats, to deliver more exact pictures.

• DTI (Diffusion Tensor Length) is a MRI-based neuroimaging procedure that allows radiologists to gauge the area, direction and anisotropy of the brain’s white matter. This innovation makes it conceivable to analyze awful brain wounds, recognize vascular illness and detect brain cancers, numerous sclerosis and other injuries.

• Defenselessness weighted Imaging level

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