Assuring Patient’s Data Online With Know Your Patient Regulation

know your patient
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The Know Your Patient Compliance is a complete solution to all the online healthcare platform issues that can help eradicate scams. Online health assistance platforms are a great source of assisting patients instantly. The period of the pandemic forced the creation of these online platforms as physical assistance was restricted. Now, even after the pandemic is over and people can freely interact again, the online healthcare systems still hold a great number of benefits to help the users. The only issue still causing risk is the online scam and fraud within these online platforms. Tackling this issue is necessary as every individual uses the online platform regularly, for this purpose KYP compliance is followed online.

The KYP Compliance: Solution For Patient Privacy Leaks

KYP compliance is made to help the healthcare authorities in regulating the verification checks for the medical systems. With the digitalization of the healthcare platforms, the online systems are adopting the KYP Process to verify the users that try to use the online medical platforms and pharmacies. The KYP process is created per the AML (Anti Money Laundering) law to limit the money laundering activities from the digital platforms, especially from medicine supply systems. The online platforms are a part of the HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) act which focuses on protecting the patient’s privacy. With this measure, the KYP process focuses more on protecting patients’ privacy in the digital healthcare systems.

Risks of Incomplete KYP Implementation

The KYP implementation is necessary to detect the criminals within the system of healthcare pharmacies and consultation platforms. If left unnoticed, the criminals will sneak into the system by using new breaching techniques. The usage of attackers is harmful to all the other users within the system as they try to steal resources including user data, finances, online assets, doctor’s information, and all other medical-related resources.

Patient Data Loss

The attackers are always on a verge of stealing data, as data is the new oil it is sold at high prices. The data within the medical systems are very important and should not be used for illegal means. Using the online data tools which are created for data handling, attackers steal patients’ information related to the patient’s life and their medical problems. The data stolen from these platforms are sold to different online markets for fake medicine production and treatments.

Privacy Leaks

Stealing the patient’s data also causes privacy leak issues in the community. The attackers sometimes use patients’ sensitive information to blackmail them and gather money. As the patient’s privacy leaks, the whole community is affected. The attackers make bundles of money by using the sensitive information which can be sold for other dark purposes and illicit activities.

Doctor’s Information Theft

The medical inspection reports and statements are part of the medical systems that contain doctor and patient information. The online medical systems carry complete doctor profiles that contain the complete data information of the doctor. They try to use that data as means of corruption and replication, to lure other users into traps, and gather money.

Theft of Finances and Allowances

Another major issue is the theft of patient allowances from the online systems, the attackers are always looking to gather every ounce of money from wherever they can. The allowances given to the patients by the authorities are consumed, for example, the health insurance money is stolen, and the travel charges and expenses of the patients are claimed. The patient suffers major losses due to incomplete implementation of Know Your Patient compliance.

How does KYP Protect the Patient and Users Online?

With the proper implementation of KYP in the online platform, the users are verified at the time of registration with multiple checks such as patient age verification and ID verification. The online KYP process uses the new technologies of artificial intelligence and deep learning to verify the identity of the user. It eliminates unauthorized users and restricts their access to online systems. Each patient is verified by several processes. At first, the user is passed through a document verification check to ensure the credibility of the client. The legal documents are verified through online OCR and verification tools to extract and verify the user via the documents provided by the national office. Another way of evaluating the identity of the user is via the biometric verification system which ensures the right person accesses the medical systems online.


The researches show the increase in the number of identity theft attacks on healthcare platforms as people are using them in their daily routines. To counter the attacks on these platforms, the security authorities and healthcare professional organizations have adopted Know Your Patient compliance.


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