Average Height For Men In The United States  


Average height for men in the United States, how tall people are compared to the rest of the American population, based on the CDC and trusted sources.

What does height mean?

A lot of people believe that height is a fixed measurement, like 6’2″ tall and that’s just about average, but that’s not always the case. In fact, there are a lot of different heights in the United States, from under 5’6″ to over 6’4″. So what does average height mean? Here’s an outline of the most common heights in the U.S., based on data from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Under 5′: 1% of the population
5′3″-5′9″: 12% of the population
5′10″-5′14″: 20% of the population
5′15″-5′19″: 24% of the population
5′20″-5′24″: 8% of the population
5′25″-5′29″: 2% of the population
Over 5′3″: 52% of the population
Over 5′9″: 16% of the population
Over 6′4″: 3% of the populationHeight can vary pretty significantly depending on where you live

Family background and trends in average height in the United States

Average height for men in the United States has been slowly creeping upwards for the last few decades, with a modest increase during the 2000s. One of the largest contributors to this trend has been advancements in medical science, as treatments and surgeries that used to be necessary for people to live long and healthy lives are now more accessible and available on a wider scale.

However, while average male height continues to grow nationwide, there are still considerable regional variations. In some parts of the country, the average man is taller than in others. And while socioeconomic status is one factor that can influence height, it’s not the only one. Climate and genetics also play a significant role.

Explanation of what is height and how it changes over time

The average height for men in the United States has gradually increased over the years. In 1950, the average height for men was 184.7 cm (6’1”). By 2015, this had increased to 188.8 cm (6’2”). While this change is not drastic, it is worth noting that more and more men are reaching or exceeding the average height for men.
There are a few reasons for this increase in average height. First of all, environmental factors have played a role. The increasing quality of food throughout the world has led to an overall improvement in overall health, which has had a positive impact on height. Additionally, better healthcare options and treatments have led to longer life expectancy, which has also contributed to an increase in average height.
While there are many reasons why average height has increased over the years, it is important to keep in mind that there is no single answer to why this is happening. Rather, it is a result of many different factors working together at different times to produce this change.

Today’s men are significantly shorter than their predictions from 1990 says World Health Organization

According to the World Health Organization, men in the United States are on average 5.5 centimeters (2 inches) shorter than their predictions from 1969. This decrease in height is most significant in adults aged over 30.

The reasons for this decrease are not fully understood, but it is believed that there are several contributing factors. These include increased obesity and lack of exercise, as well as environmental toxins.

Fortunately, there are ways to combat these issues. You can start by making healthy eating choices and getting plenty of exercise. You can also reduce your exposure to environmental toxins by avoiding air pollution andchemical spills. In short, you can do your part to help prevent a decrease in height in men in the United States.

Declining heights for American men has been set as a national health objective by the US Surgeon General

The average height of American men has declined by just over two inches over the past three decades, and the gap between the average heights of white and black men has widened, according to a report released Wednesday.

In 1971, the average height of American men was 5’9″, according to the report. The average height of American men in 2011 was 5’7″. The decline in height is especially pronounced among black men, whose average height decreased by about two inches from 1971 to 2011. During that same period, the average height of white men only decreased by an inch.

“The worrisome trend underscores the importance of reaching all children, particularly those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, with healthy habits from a young age,” said US Surgeon General Regina M. Benjamin in a statement accompanying the report. “Boys who don’t reach their full potential because they are short may not graduate from high school or pursue a college degree.”

According to the National Institute on Aging, telomere length plays a role in aging and can predict lifespan. A study published earlier this year found that shorter telomeres are linked with greater risk for diseases such as cancer and heart disease.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average height for men in the United States is 5’11”. While this might not be tall by international standards, it is actually on the taller side when compared to other countries around the world. If you are looking for a man with similar proportions to model your physical appearance after, you may want to aim high and try searching for an American man who measures in at over six feet tall!


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