Bernshtam on Classic Car Restoration at a Budget – What to Expect?


Classic car restoration is not a simple task, which requires an expert hand to accomplish it. Several steps are included, and accomplishing the same, based on the availability of parts and the need for custom designing, may take time and a budget. Time is a critical factor in classic car restoration projects and may take up to a thousand hours or more to get it done satisfactorily. In fact, there are ways to accomplish these tasks without breaking the bank. Let us listen to some expert suggestions on the same.

Bernshtam classic care restoration tips

  • Finding the ideal vehicle

First of all, a classic vintage vehicle is needed to plan the restoration project. You can think of getting a classic car that may be already restored partially. Bernshtam suggests that you can reduce the amount of money and work involved in the restoration project by adopting this way. In fact, you have to pay higher for this. Alternatively, you can think of a complete project, which may involve a lot of work but may not cost you that much upfront. You may also discuss the same with the classic car enthusiasts who may be more aware of such potential projects. You can also look online for info and refer to magazines. While making this decision, never be in a hurry.

  • Finding appropriate parts

For a classic vintage car, which was actually built only to meet the need of its times, you may need a number of enhancements and replacements for restoration. If you are so lucky, you may be able to salvage the parts on the car and engine to be reused. However, most of the time, the need is for the majority of the parts to be bought or rebuilt.

You can contact the salvage centers to see if they have any similar vehicles from which you can find out some parts. You may also check online to find anyone from whom you can source parts. However, never compromise on the quality overpricing, and also ensure that you involve the mechanics also in terms of parts purchase for your restored vehicle.

  • Planning restoration project

You need to work along with a restoration consultant to assess your car. Sometimes, the vehicle may be in running condition, but the bodywork is to be done. Some other times, you may have a vehicle that has been out on the road for many years. So, we should first estimate the needs and time estimation to define the scope of the project and decide whether to proceed. A good consultant can give you an estimate of the project in terms of the budget and time to be taken for restoration. You can clarify all your doubts with the consultant before signing up for the restoration project.

While thinking of restoring your own vintage vehicle or trying to get one restored for a purpose, you need to consult an expert restoration service provider like Bernshtam. With a number of years of expertise in restoring vintage cars, the provider is available to consult for restoration projects.


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