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Does Your Hair Get Damage Because Of Sun? | Best Smelling Shampoo save your Hair because Hair is one of the most valuable parts of your body

Does Your Hair Get Damage Because Of Sun?

Your hairs are as much precious as your skin is…. Hair is one of the most valuable parts of your body. So must take very good care of this. The Ultra-violet rays that affect our skin without protection also cause damage to our hair without protection.So, if you are going out in the harsh sun without coating your hair with protective layering, it will be going to damage your hair. is the best solution is Best Smelling Shampoo

How Sun Affects Our Hair??

Before moving further, you need to know what it sun does with your hair. Sun breaks down the bond that makes the keratin of the hair stronger hence,making them feel dry and brittle. dry and damaged hair is more negative electrostatically charged;therefore, they repel each other. Due to this, it gives out frizz, static in your hair, flyaway and it doesn’t give a very neat look.


Do youwant to change your shampoo and conditioners in summer?? The extreme heat then results in greasy scalp sweaty hair, which you don’t want. And you start doing shampoo your hair more often. When you shampoo very often you just try not to use very harsh shampoo. Do try some new sulfate-free shampoo for your hair try the less alcohol and chemical-containing hair product, for you’re the betterment of your hair.


A lot of people ask if they should shampoo their hair daily especially during summer, so my answer to them is if you feel that your scalp is getting more greasy, oily, and have some sweating problem into the scalp. Then you must go for daily wash, it is better to shampoo daily rather than having dirty looking hair. We usually don’t recommend it because it strips off the natural oil, however, if you have done your hair shampoo daily, then try to use a very mild chemical-free shampoo, preferably a sulfate-freeone. Followed by a good hydrating conditioner.


 Hydrating conditioners are really important during summers, try not to use something very heavy that will cause your hair down because anyway the humidity tends to weigh your hair down sometimes and you don’t want that.

Furthermore, use products that cut the frizz out of your hair such as serums, oils but use them very little. Like how you do not leave your house without applying SPF sunscreen, similarly do not leave your house in summer without coating them with a good leave-in conditioner. Whatever suits your hair, you can have a cream-based conditioner if your hair is a little bit thick and coarse. But if you think that your hairs are getting the weight down then use the spray form of conditioner.


If you are stepping out on a very harsh sunny day, then try to cover your hair with a scarf or some covering.

Avoid brushing your hair too much in summer. it will cause the following major problems with your hair.

  • It will end upstimulating your scalp too much
  • It also ends up frizzing your hair as well.

Summer is a very good time to wear your hair naturally. Avoid using the hair styling heating tools, because anyway, it will not be lost longer. The humidity in the air is going to end up making the hair frizzier and the style will befall flat by the end of the day.

Instead invest in good styling products such as volumizing spray, textured spray-free salts spray, and make sure you enhance your natural texture.


If you are thinking of going short with your hair then summer is a good time to try some new hairstyle. Shaggy in and getting layers in your hairs will definitely give a full texture to your hair and also trying cute fringes and bangs is one of the great options for summers.


People wanting to change their hair color for summer holidays, there are a lot of options, you can go for high lights or balayage depending on your face structure but remember summer means a lot of harsh sunlight. Also, the sun strips off the color faster. At this time you wouldn’t wanna use colors that are too grassy or too warm because it is going to end up looking dull after a point. Try and choose tones that are more neutral or on a cooler tone for your hair.

 Because mostly Asian hairs anyways haven lot of RED pigments, anyways has a lot of warmth in their hair. So warmer tones you introduce your hair during summer, it is going to end up looking very wishy-washy after a couple of washes.

The UV rays also end up striping the color off faster. If you like the fashionable shades of crazy colors, then avoid going for global tones. Because the hair color strips faster in summer and you don’t wanna keep re-doing it.


A good option to try is also PASTEL SHADES because in pastel shade you end up mixing these crazy colors with conditioner, so you can keep redoing it.

Shampoos like silver shampoo and purple conditioners, also help in maintaining the cool tone of the hair. They help get rid of the brassiness.


Make sure you get a lot of deep conditioning treatments in salons because these are the ways by which you add moisture to your hair.

Always remember to avoid doing harsh chemical treatments around summers. If You have dry hair andoily scalp and you are skeptical to shampoo your hair too often, this is the time to invest in good dry shampoo, you can also have dry foam shampoo these days in the market. Also, make sure to hydrate yourself properly by drinking lots of water because a dehydrated body can also affect your hair. So EAT RIGHT AND DRINK WELL


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