Best Yoga Postures to Increase Sperm Count

Yoga Postures to Increase Sperm Count

A sedentary lifestyle has worse effects on male sexuality. From erectile dysfunction to low sperm count, men suffer plenty of issues. With so much radiation enveloping everyone, their mental and sexual health suffers the most. If you are suffering from the same sexual issues, you should inculcate yoga practice into your routine. For that, here are some easy yoga postures to increase sperm count naturally.

Let’s have a look at some yoga poses that you should include in your daily yoga practice. Read on.

Yoga Poses to Boost Sperm Count

Camel Pose

Contemporary life involves sitting for long hours before a computer or any other technical device. Even if one goes to the gym, their hands and eyes are always glued to their smartphones. Thus, the spine loses its mobility that indirectly affects the reproductive organs.

The Camel pose stretches the front of your body. It helps in the flow of blood to the chest, abdomen, genitals, and quads. Therefore, the more blood moves into your lower body, the better is the production of sperms and other vitals juices for better sex. Therefore, the Camel pose is one of the best yoga postures to increase sperm count.

Bridge Pose

Sitting on a chair with legs hanging loose towards the ground puts a negative impact on your hips, hamstrings, lower back, and genital parts. Therefore, you become incapable to move your body as you desire while having sex. Moreover, the quality of sperms suffers a lot with constant sitting.

Practicing the Bridge pose removes all the issues from your lower back and hips. Moreover, it directly works on your reproductive organs and leads to the secretion of better-quality sperms. Further, the Bridge pose increases the strength of your hips and inner thigh muscles for better control over your body.

Shoulder Stand

Releasing stress from your lower back and reproductive organs is important for the optimum performance of your body. Raising your legs over your head with the Shoulder Stand pose removes muscle fatigue from your legs.

Moreover, it works on your genitals as well to ensure toxins are flushed out of your body. Hence, with the removal of toxins, the production of sperms improves naturally in your body. It is one of the best yoga postures to increase not just sperm count but also sperm quality.

Butterfly Pose

Inner thighs need constant stretching to improve the flow of blood into your genitals. That is where the Butterfly pose comes into play. It stretches the inner thighs that allow the gush of blood into your reproductive organs.

Moreover, it gently massages the genitals, especially the testes, which enhances the production of sperms. Furthermore, the Butterfly pose releases various hormones in your mind that lead to more stimulation.

Forward Lunge

Legs are the biggest factors responsible for the release of testosterone in your body. That is why expert yoga practitioners advise you to work on your legs if you want to increase sperm production in your body. Thus, make sure you practice Forward Lunge daily.

Forward Lunge pose stretches your quads, inner thighs, genital area, abdomen, and much more. It further leads to the release of necessary hormones in your body essential for sperm quality. Moreover, practicing the Forward Lunge improves the stability of your ankles, knees, and hip joints.

Bow Pose

The stomach is one of the most important body parts to improve sperm count. Even though it does not have a direct connection, still, it indirectly works on sperm production. Practicing the Bow pose massages your stomach lining that leads to better metabolism.

Hence, whatever you eat gets easily digested. Not just that, it improves the rate of absorption of food in your body. Therefore, essential nutrients are separated and easily absorbed into your blood for better semen production.


Yoga postures are just the basic exercises to increase the production of sperms in your body. Other elements like diet, smoking, drinking, etc also play a major role. Hence, you should work on improving your lifestyle along with practicing yoga daily. In case you want to learn from experts, you should join a 500 hour yoga teacher training course.

One of the biggest benefits of practicing yoga daily is that it becomes your second nature. Hence, you don’t have to think twice before practicing yoga. Moreover, being consistent resolves plenty of other issues, mental or physical, that might have been hampering sperm production. So, just flow with your practice to have a sexually balanced life.

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