Boost Your Self-Esteem with the Perfect Contour Face lift


As you age, you will start losing confidence and self-esteem, especially if you are concerned about your looks and doing everything you can to look younger. Cosmetic creams and other over-the-counter serums do not arrest the signs of aging once they appear on your skin. If you are in a profession where looks matter, this again will bring down your self-esteem, especially if you look older than your years.

The contour facelift will help you turn back the clock

The contour face lift is an effective procedure that both men and women can undertake to erase the signs of aging from their faces. In the healthcare industry, it is called the rhytidectomy procedure. It refers to the surgical rejuvenation of the face procedure that can make you look 8, 10, and in some cases even 12 years younger than your actual age. This procedure will address the following signs of aging-

  1. Sagging skin.
  2. Jowls.
  3. Lines on the face.
  4. Wrinkles.
  5. Facial tissues that are shifting.

All male and female patients can get effective results from this procedure

There are four types of facelifts that you can opt for, and they are –

  1. Midface facelift- the area below the cheeks is treated in this procedure.
  2. Traditional facelift- The whole middle and entire face with the neck is treated.
  3. Mini facelift- Recommended for patients who are younger with mild signs of aging.
  4. Lower facelift- this procedure will treat the jawline and the lower region of your face.

Recovery time

Since it is a surgical procedure, you need to plan the procedure in advance and permit yourself to get the time needed for complete recovery. You should meet the surgeon and discuss your expectations from the procedure. It is prudent to have realistic expectations when it comes to your condition and the correct procedure that will be recommended to you after you qualify.

When it comes to the time taken for the recovery, it takes place quickly for most patients who take the surgery. In the beginning, you will be advised not to move your face much, so your abilities will be restricted, and you will need assistance with everyday tasks. However, with time and rest each day, you will get better.

Rest will help you to recover faster

On the first day of the procedure, you need to rest as your body requires time to recover from the surgery. This helps the blood flow to the face and accelerates the recovery process after the contour face lift. You can gradually increase your activities from the second day onwards like walking around your home, or maybe go for a short walk down the street, etc.

There will be tenderness, a feeling of tightness, and some swelling in the region; however, rest and comfort will help you heal faster. Patients generally do not experience pain; however, in case it does arise, pain medication will help you arrest it successfully. Your doctor will instruct you, so keep his/her guidance in mind for a successful faster recovery!


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