What’s Causing Brown Discharge After My Period?  

brown discharge after my period

At the point when you think your period is finished, you wipe and track down brown discharge. As baffling — and conceivably disturbing — as it very well may be, brown discharge after your period is typical.
Blood becomes brown when it’s been sitting for a spell. Brown discharge after a period is generally old or dried blood that was delayed to leave your uterus.
At times, brown and bloody discharge could be an indication of an issue when it’s joined by different side effects.

What can cause brown discharge after a period?

Here is a summary of what could cause brown discharge after your period wraps up.
Dry period blood
Blood that takes more time to leave your body becomes hazier, frequently brown. It might likewise seem thicker, drier, and clumpier than normal blood.
The brown tone is the consequence of oxidation, which is a typical cycle. It happens when your blood comes into contact with air.
You might see your period blood becomes more obscure or brown close to the furthest limit of your period.
A few ladies experience brown discharge for a little while after their period closes. Others have brown discharge that travels every which way for possibly 14 days. It simply relies on how well your uterus sheds its covering and the speed at which it leaves your body. Everybody is unique.

Polycystic ovary syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that influences a lady’s chemical levels. More significant levels of male chemicals cause unpredictable periods and here and there no period by any stretch of the imagination.

PCOS influences somewhere in the range of 6 and 10 percent

Confided in Source of ladies of childbearing age.
At times brown discharge occurs instead of a period. Different times brown discharge after a period is old blood from a past period.

Different side effects of PCOS include:

extreme or undesirable hair
dim patches of skin
skin inflammation
various ovarian growths


Perimenopause is the point at which your body starts to make the regular change to menopause. It can start upwards of 10 years before the authority beginning of menopause, normally in a lady’s 30s and 40s.
During this time, your estrogen levels rise and fall, making changes your period. Perimenopause periods can be longer or more limited. You may likewise have cycles without ovulation.
These progressions frequently cause brown discharge after your period and in some cases during different pieces of your cycle.

Different side effects of perimenopause include:

hot glimmers
inconvenience dozing
vaginal dryness
diminished sex drive
mind-set swings
Contraception embed

A contraception embed is a sort of hormonal conception prevention that is embedded into the upper arm, simply under the skin. It discharges progestin chemical into the body to forestall pregnancy.
Sporadic feminine draining and brown discharge as your body changes with the chemical are normal aftereffects.

Sexually communicated diseases

A few sexually communicated diseases (STIs) can cause brown discharge or spotting beyond your period. These include:
bacterial vaginosis (BV)

Other normal side effects to pay special attention to include:

vaginal tingling
agonizing pee
torment with intercourse
pelvic torment
different kinds of vaginal discharge

What causes brown discharge after a missed period?

On the off chance that you miss a period, you might have brownish discharge instead of a standard period or have it after your period would have finished. PCOS and perimenopause are normal causes.
You may likewise encounter missed periods followed by brown discharge in the event that you’ve as of late begun utilizing another hormonal contraception. Here and there it can likewise be an indication of pregnancy.

Brown discharge can supplant a period or come after a missed period during early pregnancy. Different signs and side effects of early pregnancy include:


sore bosoms
morning affliction, sickness, and heaving
state of mind changes

Brown discharge close by different side effects

While brown discharge after a period without anyone else for the most part is certainly not no joking matter, it could demonstrate an issue when joined by different side effects. Here is a gander at what it could mean:

Brown discharge after period and issues

Assuming that you experience brown discharge and spasms after your period, it very well may be brought about by PCOS or early pregnancy.
Early premature delivery could likewise cause these side effects. In some cases the draining and squeezes brought about by unsuccessful labor are confused with a period. The blood from an unnatural birth cycle can be red, yet it can likewise be brown and look like coffee beans.
Brown discharge with scent after period
Period blood normally has some smell, yet in the event that you notice brown discharge with areas of strength for a, a STI is the most probable reason.

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When could brown discharge be the indication of an issue?

Brown discharge can be an indication of an issue when it’s joined by different side effects, like torment, tingling, and a solid smell. Changes to your feminine cycle, like missed periods or unpredictable periods, or weighty periods could likewise show an issue.

When to see a specialist

See a specialist in the event that you’re stressed over your discharge or have a great deal of it. Likewise see a specialist in the event that you figure you may be pregnant or have other concerning side effects, for example,
torment or squeezing

consuming sensation when you pee
a solid scent
serious vaginal dying
On the off chance that you don’t as of now have an OBGYN, you can peruse specialists in your space through the Healthline FindCare device.

The action item

Brown discharge after your period as a rule isn’t a reason to worry as it’s just old, dried blood.
In the event that you have other stressing side effects or there’s an opportunity you could be pregnant or losing, plan to see a specialist.


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