Cleanig your soul by Hoodoo Psychics



It is that season now, to dispose of old garbage and mess and profoundly clean our environmental elements. As we were shown unremarkable cleaning methods by our seniors, there is an extra step skilled to us that is fundamental for our otherworldly endurance. Keeping our Inner self solid requires custom purging of ourselves notwithstanding our living and working regions. Here is a Spring-Cleaning custom to take care of business! Appreciate!

Things Needed:

  1. A Tip by Hoodoo Psychic Miss Cat Yronwode
  2. Songs 59:1-2 for Deliverance
  3. Songs 91 for Protection
  4. HSE Cleansing/Uncrossing Herb Mix
  5. HSE Cleansing/Uncrossing Oil
  6. Mother Vergi’s Cleansing/Uncrossing Spray
  7. Housekeeping Solution with Lemon (Pine-Sol, Clorox, Lucky Mojo Chinese Wash)
  8. Two White Tealights
  9. Incense Brazier
  10. Charcoal Disk
  11. HSE Cleansing/Uncrossing Incense
  12. HSE Inferno Protection Incense
  13. Inlet Leaves

Directions for Spring cleaning the soul:

Open your windows and wardrobe entryways. Dress your tealights with 3 drops of your Cleansing/Uncrossing Oil, saying your Psalm of Deliverance. Place your dressed tealights by your front entryway, one on the left, and one on the right. Light them.

Light your HSE Cleansing/Uncrossing Incense in the brazier. Beginning from the back, go through each room in the house, giving close consideration to storerooms and cupboards. Then, place your incense brazier in a protected spot as it keeps on consuming while you are cleaning.

Take one tsp of your Cleansing/Uncrossing Herbal blend and stew in the oven to make a tea. Pour your stewed tea within your mop water and a couple of drops into your cleaning shower arrangement.

Sprinkle a touch of the homegrown combination on the floor that is non-covered and let sit. Fog floor coverings with Mama Vergi’s Cleansing/Uncrossing Spray and let sit.

Begin cleaning from the rear of the house and work your direction to the front. On the off chance that you have a two-story home beginning from the farthest room higher up and resolve your direction down steps and afterward the front entryway. Wipe windowsills, entryways, door handles, and thresholds. Wipe down all counters with your lemon cleaning arrangement blended in with nine drops of the Cleansing/Uncrossing tea.

Clear up the spice blend and mop your floors. Vacuum all floor coverings. Light your HSE Inferno Protection Incense while perusing your Psalm of Protection.

Place three Bay Leaves on each edge of the House.


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