FAQs about clip in hair extensions- Answered!


Whether you want to get more out of your hair or want to switch up your look, clip-in hair extensions are the perfect hair enhancement to have in your arsenal. 

These beauties are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of handling and application. Brazilian hair clip-ins are a commitment-free hair enhancer! They enable you to modify your appearance without visiting a hairdresser easily. 

If you want to makeover your hair momentarily till your hair grows out, there are some things you need to think about before buying your perfect Brazilian clip ins

So, grab your snack and get comfortable because we will be answering all the questions that first-time clip-in extension users might have.

Can anyone wear Brazilian clip-ins?

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Clip-ins are not for everyone 

The first thing to consider is whether virgin remy clip-in hair extensions are the best option. Brazilian clip-ins are ideal for almost everyone but there are certain hair scenarios where clip-ins might not be the best fit for you. If you have delicate hair, using clip-ins will tug at them and damage your hair.

Brazilian clip-ins are not ideal for women with thin hair because it might be difficult to conceal the lace wefts when positioned high on the head. The weight of the extensions can sometimes be too much for delicate hair. 

Consider these points mentioned above before purchasing to avoid any problems. If you have really fine hair, it is best to consult with a professional to determine the safest hair extensions.

How heavy should the clip-in hair extensions be?

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Heavy clip-ins will feel bulky and at times uncomfortable 

Hair extension’s weight reflects how much hair is packed within them. Extensions are measured in grams; the larger the weight, the thicker the extensions. If you have thick tresses, you will need to select a more significant pair of extensions to achieve the ideal blend. A good virgin remy clip-in hair extension typically weighs around 120g to 200g.

At True Glory Hair, their virgin remy clip in hair extensions only weigh 200g which is more than other standard sets available. This also means more coverage and your money’s worth.

How do you choose the right hair length for your clip-ins?

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Use this length guide to achieve your perfect hair length 

Consider the length of your hair and the length you want your clip-in extensions to be. 

  1. Are you looking for thickness while maintaining the same length? 
  2. Or do you want thickness and length? 

Once you can answer these two easy questions, you will know the length you want your hair extensions to be.

The general rule of the thumb is to stay within 4 inches of your natural hair for the most seamless blend. But, the finest virgin remy clip-in hair extensions with few touch-ups will always give the most realistic finish, regardless of the length. 

What kind of clip-ins should you go for?

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Brazilian Remy deep wave clip-ins from True Glory Hair

Always go with virgin remy clip-in hair extensions hair made with Brazilian hair. This hair is known for its luxuriousness, ability to last longer, and work well with humidity and styling. Other hair types are available, but they might not last as long.

Like with any hair extension, it is important to select the highest quality hair possible. Higher-quality hair results in extensions that last longer and shed less.

Are the clips lined with silicone better than non-silicone-lined clips?

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Silicone-lined clips for a secure and perfect fit

Yes, silicone-lined clips are better than non-silicon clips because they stay in place. The clips used on extensions can impact how well they sit in the hair. Silicone-lined clips are designed to sit more easily in the hair and create a protective barrier between the clip and your hair, resulting in less damage. 

If you intend to wear the Brazilian clip-ins regularly, consider silicone-lined clips as the most secure alternative for your hair.

How do you pick the right hair color for clip-ins?

Easy color chart based on your skin tone

The easiest way to pick the right color for Brazilian clip-ins is by selecting the hair color that compliments your skin tone. The best approach to achieve the perfect color for you is a personal consultation with a qualified colorist. If you want the color of your Brazilian clip-ins to match your natural hair color, you should also check with a professional stylist.

Since you are using Brazilian virgin remy clip-in hair extensions, you can color them without worrying about compromising the hair integrity. 

In what order do you place your Brazilian clip-in hair extensions?

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Suggested clip-in placement

For those new to clip-in extensions, deciding where to place the extensions on your head may appear difficult. The suggested clip-in extension placement guide illustration is shown above. Even if this is your first time experimenting with clip-in hair extensions, you won’t feel lost!

Once you find the placement, you can use clip them on using these 3 steps guide. Clip the rest of the hair away and separate a straight thin portion of hair about two inches above the ear on the side. 

  1. Secure the clip closest to your hairline first with a two-clip weft. 
  2. With the second clip, fix it closer to the back of your head. 
  3. Rep on the opposite side.

Where can you buy the finest Brazilian clip-in hair extensions?

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True Glory Hair, the best virgin price guarantee!

If you want your hair extensions to look as natural as yours, you should only choose high-quality clip-in extensions. The majority of high-quality clip-in hair extensions are made of 100 percent Brazilian human hair and come in various textures and colors. 

As a result, True Glory Hair is an excellent choice for high-quality clip-in hair extensions. They are also tangle-free and have anti-slip clips to keep the extensions from slipping. 

Plus, these Brazilian clip-ins are heat resistant, which means you may style them in any way you like, just like your real hair. They’re also great for giving your hair quick length and regular volume. 

Here are our top picks of Brazilian clip-ins from True Glory Hair.

Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Clip-Ins

Amazon.com : Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Clip Ins Extensions Full Head Clip  Ins Human Hair Extensions for Africa America Black Women 8"inch 120g  7Pcs/set : Beauty & Personal Care
Body wave clip-ins from True Glory Hair

True Glory Hair’s virgin Brazilian clip-Ins are 100% premium virgin hair and are built to last! This hair is tangle-free, has perfectly aligned cuticles, and can be easily bleached, colored, curled, and straightened. Their body wave clip-ins come with 9 pieces totaling 200 grams, allowing you to get a full, voluminous, straight-out-the-salon look in minutes!

Virgin Brazilian Straight Clip-Ins

Natural Black Straight Clip In Closure at Price $50 USD/Inch in New Delhi |  ID: c4604322
Straight clip-ins from True Glory Hair 

True Glory Hair’s Brazilian clip-ins are crafted of 100% premium virgin hair and are long-lasting! Say goodbye to tangled hair because this Brazilian clip-ins has all of its cuticles aligned, making it easy to bleach, color, curl, and straighten. Their hairstyles come in 9 pieces totaling 200 grams, allowing you to get a full, voluminous, straight-out-of-the-salon look in minutes!


The best thing about virgin remy clip-in hair extensions is that you can take them out and reattach them at your leisure. This is something you won’t be able to do with most other hair extensions, which require you to visit a professional hairstylist to get the job done.

Head to True Glory Hair for the best price for virgin Brazilian clip-ins today!


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