Coconut Tree As “Tree of Life”

Coconut Tree
Image Source: Unsplash

The coconut tree is very versatile and is also called the tree of life. It is widely propagated in tropical countries but this tree is well known all over the globe. Almost every part of the coconut tree can be used for food, medicine, and even other purposes. Here are the different uses of the coconut tree which made it popular as the tree of life.


The coconut fruit is obviously what a lot of people love. When you crack it open, you can eat the meat and drink the coconut water inside as well. The flesh of the coconut tastes delicious and is packed with lots of nutrients as well making it a perfect healthy treat.

Coconut water is also sweet and is rich in electrolytes and antioxidants making it one of the best drinks among anything else. You’ll be amazed at so many benefits of coconut water and how it completely hydrates the body, especially on hot sunny days. When the coconut meat is ground with a little water, you could extract coconut milk from it which is used in a variety of Asian cuisines and even as a dairy alternative.


Coconut oil is popular in cooking because of its strong flavor. It can also be used as an alternative to butter. Sometimes, it is also used as an ingredient for hair and skin care products since coconut oil is a good moisturizing ingredient. However, coconut oil is high in saturated fats so it is not really one of the healthiest cooking oils available on the market.

Coconut Tree
Image Source: Unsplash

Husks and Shells

After consuming the whole fruit, the shells and husks can still be used for another purpose. Coconut husks have strong and durable fibers, making them a perfect material for arts and crafts. Coconut fiber can also be used to make ropes that are really strong. You could also use the husk as an organic scrubber. On the other hand, coconut shells are commonly used to create organic toys, bowls, and other crafts.


Coconut leaves are big and really durable. In some places, coconut leaves are used to make houses or even as a natural roofing material. The leaves are overlapped with each other to serve as a roof for a house or any structure.  The stick part of the leaves can be used to make a broom and the plain leaves can be made into unique crafts.

Trunk and Flowers

The coconut trunk may not be that durable compared to other hardwood but it is still used in some countries as a housing material. It can also be used for campfires and is excellent firewood. Lastly, while coconut flowers aren’t that noticeable, they are actually present and are commonly used in natural and ayurvedic medicine.

The coconut tree is really very useful and no part of it goes to waste. Because of this, it really deserves to be called the tree of life.


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