Construction QC – Reddy Kancharla Explaining the Essential Tips

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It is a stressful and complex affair to manage construction quality control. Quality control means various things to different people, which is the reason it is essential to adhere to the standard quality control for construction. On the other hand, if the construction project does not meet the desired quality criteria, then you may face many difficulties later, including lawsuits or even demolishment. QC is a total quality management system that will let you define quality, track it, and make necessary adjustments to ensure compliance.

Reddy Kancharla is a construction engineer with solid industry expertise handling various projects. In his view, construction QC is a comprehensive system for managing construction projects, which aims at ensuring that the deliverables of the project meet desired guidelines by the clients and authorities. This ensures the completion of the project within the budget and scope of work and voids any disputes later. Quality is an element defined by the end client, whereas in construction, it is essential to meet the regulatory agency guidelines and environmental policies, etc. The construction quality management plan documented all these QA/QC requirements and procedures.

Two quality aspects of construction

People usually get confused with the two aspects in confusion as Quality Assurance (QA) with Quality Control (QC).

  • Quality assurance sets expectations for quality management and how the quality is delivered whereas,
  • Quality control is the work plan to achieve quality. In the construction sector, the quality manager will drive a comprehensive quality management plan through different phases of the project.

Construction quality is managed by proper monitoring and tracking of the projects. Ultimately, your project is not successful if the client is not satisfied. It also fails if the project does not meet regulatory compliance. So, construction QC is important as it helps improve the credibility of the project and its success. Practically thinking, ensuring quality work equal to avoiding any reword. Most of the time, in construction projects, the need to reword is the biggest overhead and wastage of time. The need for rework may also adversely affect the morale of the workers, which in turn will reduce productivity. So, ensuring QC will help avoid all this chaos and get the projects run smoothly.

Procedures of QC in construction

While doing construction QC, you need to run the standard quality control practices to stick to the standards. Here are the steps involved in this process.

  • Define the project objectives – This includes project completion without any defects, the code requirements to meet, and the client requirements to be met.
  • Have a QC inspection – To ensure quality control, it is important to do a thorough, timely inspection to see whether the work completed meets the quality criteria. Have a plan handy to decide whether the work meets the desired quality to QC pass.
  • Have a QC checklist – It is essential to have a quality control checklist for the supervisors to do an inspection of all related items, which may have a chance of being overlooked.
  • Correcting work – While specific tasks do not meet the quality standards during the inspection, work correction needs to be initiated. Identify and market the types of work that need fixing and document the correction needed to verify quality.

When you put together a foolproof construction QC plan, there are a few fundamental things. However, Reddy Kancharla says thatquality control is not a standalone process but needs to be well-coordinated with the other aspects of construction and regulations to be complete.


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