The Different Types Of Coriander You Should Know  


Coriander is a spice made from the leaves and bulbs of the plant, which can range in appearance from being flat to long and round. Using coriander properly will give you an edge over your competition – so arm yourself with this knowledge today!

What Is Coriander?

Coriander is a fragrant, tart herb that inhabits areas near the equator. The leaves and flowers of coriander are used to flavor food. The two main types of coriander are heart-shaped and semi-lobed. The heart-shaped variety is most often used in cooking, while the semi-lobed variety is most popular for dyeing fabrics.

Types of Coriander

Coriander is the spice most commonly used in Indian cooking, but it’s also common in Thai cuisine and Mediterranean food. Here’s a look at some of the different types of coriander you might come across:

Dried Coriander: This form of coriander is the most common and least expensive. It’s usually ground into a powder or a small piece of fresh coriander root has been simmered in water until it becomes a paste.

Fresh Coriander: This is the fresh form of coriander that you find at markets or in grocery stores. It has bright green leaves and a potent, pungent flavor. If you’re looking for something to give your dish a strong flavor, fresh is the way to go.

Coriander Seed Oil: This oil has a nutty flavor and can be found in many Indian grocery stores or online. It’s perfect for adding flavor to hazelnut spreads or other recipes that call for an accent oil.

How Does It Differ From Parsley?

Coriander is a fragrant herb that is used in many different dishes. Parsley, on the other hand, is not as popular and is mostly used for garnishes or for seasoning food. Here are the different types of coriander you should know:

cilantro – This type of coriander has long, curly leaves and a strong odor. It is most commonly found in Latin American cuisine, but can be used in many other dishes.

dill – This type of coriander has small, flat leaves and a slightly more mellow flavor than cilantro. It is most commonly found in Scandinavian cuisine, but can be used in many other dishes.

fennel – This type of coriander has bulbous leaves and a licorice-like flavor. It is most commonly found in Italian cuisine, but can be used in many other dishes.

Varieties of Coriande

There are many different types of coriander, each with their own unique flavor profile. Here are four of the most common coriander varieties you’ll find in the market:

Coriander Seed: This variety is the most common and has a mild, slightly sweet flavor.

Coriander Leaf: This variety is more intensely flavored and has a robust aroma.

Coriander Fruit: This variety is tart and has a pronounced citrus flavor.

Coriander Spice: This variety is heavily spiced and has a robust, woodsy flavor.


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