Cristiano Ronaldo wrote a touching message after contracting covid 19

Cristiano Ronaldo wrote a touching message after contracting covid 19

Shocking news has just come from the world’s top football player, Cristiano Ronaldo. The Juventus striker is reportedly undergoing quarantine after his team-mate, Daniele Rugani, tested positive for coronavirus.

According to the news circulating, Cristiano Ronaldo is undergoing quarantine in his hometown which is located in the Madeira area, Portugal. It was also stated that Ronaldo happened to be returning home to visit his sick mother.

The official release states that Ronaldo is not undergoing training, he must focus on waiting for test results during the quarantine period. Until it was finally announced that Georgina Rodriguez’s fiancĂ© was negative and corona-free.
Not wanting to worry his relatives, colleagues, and fans, Cristiano Ronaldo finally updated his post on Instagram. He also wrote a touching message regarding the corona virus that befell his best friend, Daniele Rugani.
“The world is currently going through difficult times that concern us all. I speak to you today not as a footballer, but as a child, father and human being who cares about every development (virus) that affects the world,” wrote Ronaldo started his message.

Ronaldo’s message
It did not stop there, Ronaldo also explained how important it is for us to comply with the advice of the WHO (World Health Organization). All of this is for the safety of human life, which is far more important than anything else.
At the end of his post, he said, “I want to convey this message to all those who have lost loved ones, my solidarity with those who are fighting against the virus, such as my teammate, Daniele Rugani. And I will continue to support medical workers who are willing to put themselves at risk. his own life to save others.”


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