Different ways to use Himalayan Salt block in your kitchen.

himalayan salt block

Himalayan Pink salt is mined from the mountains of the Himalayas. It is skillfully mined then crafted according to the desired size and shape to make it part of our kitchen. It is an elegant addition to our crockery due to the beautiful shades of the Himalayan salt block. The trend of using this natural gift to cook and prepare our meal is getting common these days. People love to enhance the beauty of their serving and taste of food to cook and serve their meal by using the Himalayan Salt Blocks wholesale. 

There are many ways to use Himalaya salt Block in the kitchen let’s discuss them one by one. This article will also guide you that how to use and keep safe a Salt Slab. We can cook, grill, chill and also use it for serving our guests. Have a glance at the following usages of Bulk Himalayan Pink Salt Block.

Cooking on salt Block

Cooking on the salt slabs is not much hard or tough to learn. This is all about having just little how to know that how to deal with this and the method of heating it up. Himalayan salt has sodium chloride with 84 trace minerals in it. Here are some steps and points that should take in mind while using or handling Salt Block.

  •  Use dry and clean Block for cooking.
  • Put it at the surface of the stove.
  • Start heating the Himalayan Salt Slab from low flame to gradually high.
  • Check the heat of the block by infrared thermometer or by sprinkling water on the surface and observing its instant sizzling.
  • You can also heat it up properly by using electric stove.
  • Now it’s ready to cook.
  • Always use thin and less fatty meat and vegetables to cook on it.
  • Once heated, can be cooked meal for one or many times so don’t waste your time and energy and cook whole meal on your heated slab.
  • Salt has the compact ionization formation that’s why retain a certain temperature to a specific level and for long time.

Grilling on Himalayan Salt Blocks Wholesale.

Grilling on Salt Block is also not much tricky. It is as easy as on a stove. Below are the basic measurements that should be in mind while dealing with Himalayan Salt blocks wholesale for grilling.

  • Put the salt slab on grate.
  • Try to stack the charcoal on one side and heat your slab at other side.
  • To avoid high temperature instantly.
  • If using gas grill always start heating up the slab at low temperature and leave it at the same point for 15 minutes.
  • Then take the temperature to the medium level and leave it for 15 minutes again.
  • Now leave the slab to heat up at high temperature for more 15 minutes.
  • Now it is ready to use for grilling.
  • Try not to use greasy and fatty meat.
  • Always use the same side of slab to grill food.
  • Meat or vegetables grilled on salt slab absorbs a different salty taste.

Using Himalayan Salt blocks in oven.

We will never recommend you heat your slab directly in the oven. It can cause damage to the salt slab as well as to the oven. So if you want to use your Himalayan salt slab in the oven it is better to heat it up at the stove and then very carefully put it into the oven and let your meal be cooked. It is best to use a metal stand or pan while cooking food in the oven. It will bring ease to dealing with salt block safely.

Chilling On Salt Block.

Salt composition is perfect to retain a specific desired temperature. So it does not just help to cook proper food on the stove, oven on the grill but also stands distinctive for chilling food items. To chill your food on Himalayan Salt Slab we have to chill it in the same manner as we heat it up by gradually lowering its temperature from normal to low. After chilling the salt slab we can also use it for saving our foodstuffs. It also helps in dry-aging beef. There are many companies that are exporting salt slabs to sue them for dry-aging meat. Because salt enhances the taste and quality of meat and also other edibles when it gets contact with them.

 Serving on Himalayan Salt Slab.

Himalayan salt Slab is also a beautiful and classy addition to our servings. Due to the quality of maintaining specific temperature to a certain level that is because of the structure of nutrients present in it, Himalayan Salt Block wholesale is best to serve either it is chilled or cooked items. When we serve a freshly cooked meal on Salt Block it maintains its temperature and the meal stays hot and fresh for a long time. The same is the matter in the case of serving cold items like sushi, tuna fish, and other things.

They remain chilled for a long time and also heighten the beauty and class of our dining tables with their beautiful pinkish shades.


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