Do Long Summer Days Affect Your Sleep? Best Ways For Rest You Deserve    

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Most people have had trouble falling asleep on warm or humid nights. Similarly, you should refrain from performing specific items before bed to lessen warming while you sleep.

To enter the deepest stages of sleep, your body’s core temperature must decrease by two to three degrees at night. It is therefore challenging getting a decent night’s sleep in a heated bedroom. You can even fall asleep during summer on hot days by using below given ideas and methods.

Switch Your Ceiling Fan’s Blades Around.

But by changing the fan, you can get some rest during the summer heat. The blades should turn counterclockwise to let warm air upward and let cooler air into the area.

Push the toggle switch to change the rotating direction after turning off the fan’s motor. The fan’s blades should spin anti clock direction when you restart it. You may turn the edges in the opposite way by hitting a button on the remote control that came with your ceiling fan.

Taking a Hot Shower Before Sleeping

Take  shower of hot water before bed as an additional precaution. When exposed to warm water, your skin’s blood vessels enlarge, increasing body heat.

Hot showers are better than cold ones because cold water constricts your vessels and doesn’t allow your skin to  produce additional body heat. As a result, you’ll feel warm again when you step out after taking shower.

Make Your Bedding Cold 

Using linens is one way to sleep comfortably during summer and more comfortably in the heat. Before bed, make your bed with the frozen sheets you’ve kept in a zip-top bag.

Another option is to chill it down by slipping ice packs under your covers for  one hour before bed. To stay cold at night, you might also choose to sleep with packs of ice in your bed. Check whether they are properly fastened to prevent leaks!

Decide on Absorbent Materials

You can stay cool by dressing in light, loose-fitting pyjamas and sheets. While satin and flannel are better selections because they retain your body’s heat during the winter, cotton and linen are another good options in the summer because they enable heat from the body to readily escape, keeping it from pooling in your beds. 

Apply a Cold Face Mask of Gel Before Bed 

You might also freeze a gel face mask to use the following morning.The “pulse points” on your temples are places where  vessels are closer to the skin’s surface, which aids in cooling you down. The entire body will feel chilly after applying a cold compress over a pulse point.

Refrain From Letting Pets Sleep Besides You in Bed

Even if you’re used to sleeping in the same bed as your dogs, sleeping alone in warm weather is a better idea because the heat that animals emit will make your bed warmer. Pets provide many additional benefits of health for you outside.

Draw the Curtains 

Even on the hottest days, closing the curtains will prevent sunlight from heating your bedroom. When you wake up, close the shades or curtains; do not do so again until you are ready for bed. Blackout curtains, intended to block all outside light, are popular because they are particularly good at keeping bedrooms cool in the summer and insulating against the cold in the winter.


You may need to take extra precautions to stay calm when it’s too hot to sleep because controlling your body temperature while you sleep is crucial for your overall health. There are things you can do both before and while you sleep.


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