Humans depict their world through their body movements. Our body makes subtle movements which further reflect the emotions and our emotional life contracts and expands. When you keep your body in movement, it feels healthy and alive. Eurythmy gives life to the music and speech through beautiful arms and body gestures.

With this dance form, you make the music notes and the poetry or stage plays visible through your body expressions. When you indulge in such body movements, it brings about harmony in your existence and the relations you have with people around you. 

To learn the fascinating art of body movement, you can opt for eurythmy training and make yourself feel alive. As you are now acquainted with the eurythmy, let’s know about its development and eurythmy therapy. 

Emergence of Eurythmy

In the early stages, eurythmy was developed as a stage art which is continuously practized as such. With the evolution and advanced methods, its potential is recognized to educate young minds. 

Started by Steiner Waldorf, eurythmy training has become a vital part of the curriculum that is taught across the world. The soothing and relaxing movements of our arms and legs work as therapy and do wonders for you. 

Eurythmy Therapy – Way to Relax Your Body 

Eurythmy therapy is pivotal when you indulge in eurythmy. When your body loses balance, it may result in acquiring multiple diseases and illnesses. Eurythmy helps in restoring the balance of the body by providing relevant support. This prevents the development of illness and encourages your body to be positive for better functioning. Here are the highlights of eurythmy: 

  • Eurythmy portrays rich movements and gestures for both speech and musical notes. It gives meaning to the beautiful blend of instrumental music and speech. 
  • On the musical tones, when the eurythmy gestures are used therapeutically, it gets intensified and used repeatedly for supreme relaxation.  
  • Researches say that the consonants of speech echo the forces while the vowels help in expressing your inner response to this environment. To reflect the external nature forces, you can indulge in eurythmy that uses consonants and vowels to stimulate the functions in your body. 
  • Stimulation of the body’s functioning lets your body get back to its sound health and you feel more rejuvenated. 

As eurythmy uses the pitches of the music, vowels and consonants from the speech, the pauses and the intensity bring specific therapeutic effects. Furthermore, it creates a rhythmic balance to stand well against physical and emotional challenges. It is still being researched for the benefit of mankind. 

Summing Up

Eurythmy is performed in different ways and uses some props like copper rods or balls, to depict the stepping of rhythms. However, the body movements in poetry or music are categorized as soul exercises. If you want to learn this beautiful art, you join eurythmy classes. Eurythmy training is done in many Steiner Waldorf schools and you can leverage the benefits of balancing your mind and body. 


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