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fpa women's health

Since the training’s origin in 1969, Family Planning Associates Medical Group, presently FPA Women’s Health, has been giving the highest standard of clinical consideration for women in a warm, caring climate. As the largest free family arranging service network in the United States, FPA Women’s Health, with various locations all through Los Angeles County and different regions across California, offers all aspects of family arranging — from pregnancy counteraction to pregnancy end — in a professional, state-of-the-workmanship climate.

The skilled physicians and nurse practitioners at FPA Women’s Health practice exclusively inside the office, including carrying out procedures and answering postoperative questions with no extra fees. The group of clinical professionals provides total data and women’s health care services to every one of their patients. Women of all ages depend on the extensive list of services at FPA Women’s Health, including great lady exams, anti-conception medication, early termination, pregnancy testing, and weight reduction.

FPA Women’s Health is certify by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Care, and was the first family arranging supplier in California to procure this certification in 1996. With a continuous obligation to remarkable quality and care, the group offers a 24-hour emergency telephone line so women can call to speak with profoundly prepared and experienced nurse practitioners. Physicians are available to come in to work consistently, as well.

The doctors and nurses at FPA Women’s Health are tolerating new patients all through Los Angeles County, and across California. They invite you to call to schedule a test or to request an appointment online today.

Have you considered Mirena IUD?

Mirena is a soft, adaptable IUD that releases small amounts of the chemical progestin locally into your uterus – it is totally estrogen free. It gives you conception prevention you can depend on for as long as 5 years – less assuming you conclude you would like it eliminated sooner than that. Mirena IUD is over almost 100% successful at forestalling pregnancy and you can attempt to become pregnant as soon as it is taken out. Mirena is also demonstrated to diminish weighty periods – your period will probably ease up or stop totally while on Mirena.

Presently Offering Rapid HIV Screening

A Rapid HIV Test is finished with a simple finger prick, and results are accessible in 15 minutes. It is a screening test that detects the presence of HIV antibodies in a person’s body by testing blood. The body’s safe system produces these antibodies when tainted with HIV.

Get 13 Months of Your Pill in Just One Visit

You can now get 13 months of conception prevention pills in just 1 office visit – dispensed at your appointment! That means: less office visits, no trips to the drug store, less possibility that you will run out, less agonizing over your anti-conception medication.

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To Make An Appointment With Our Doctors, Call 1-877-883-7264

In the event that you have a question which is not answered here, please get in touch with us.

About FPA

How long has FPA been in business?

Family Planning Associates was established in 1969 and has been offering the highest standard of care since that time.

Is it true or not that you are a free center?

No. Family Planning Associates is an exclusive Medical Group. We are contracted with most insurance plans and we acknowledge Medi-Cal, cash, all significant Visas and cash orders or cashiers checks.

Do you give the “Following morning” Pill? How much is it?

Yes, we really do give the “Following morning” Pill. See our Payment Info page at current costs.

Do you offer free pregnancy testing?

There is no expense for the UCG pregnancy test. This test detects pregnancy roughly four weeks after origination or around two weeks after your first missed period. We also have the EPT (Early Pregnancy Test) accessible for an expense of $15.00. This test can recognize pregnancy as soon as 10 days after origination. All testing can be performed on a stroll in basis. We offer composed confirmation of test results for an extra expense of $15.00.

Do you have any female physicians accessible?

Yes, we in all actuality do have female physicians accessible.

Are there any protesters at the facility?

We might have protesters at some of our facility locations. Protestors are not permitted on Family Planning Associates property yet they might be in the street or on sidewalks. You really want not speak to any protesters or acknowledge writing from them. The protesters are not allowed to contact you.

Could I at any point bring my child(ren) with me to my appointment?

Youngsters are allowed exclusively in the sitting area of our clinics as a whole. Youngsters are not allowed inside our clinical areas, including test rooms, and must be supervised consistently.


Is everything secret?

Our services are all totally classified. Patient data is never released without the signature and approval of the patient.

Do I need to give you my genuine name?

Your clinical records are all totally classified and require your signature and approval for release. Giving precise and current data on clinical records is always significant. Your right name, address, telephone number and clinical history are significant for some reasons, especially in case of crisis.

Does my accomplice have to be aware?

No. Your accomplice does not have to be aware. Your services are totally secret. Assuming you are using insurance to pay for services, it is possible that your accomplice will approach the data from your insurance organization assuming you are mutually insured. In this case, you can consider paying with cash or cash request.

Will my parents find out?

We suggest that the part contact the insurance organization to discuss their strategy on early termination classification.

Making an Appointment

Is everything classified?

Our services are all totally classified. Patient data is never released without the signature and approval of the patient.

Do I need to make an appointment for an early termination?

Yes. Every one of our facilities offers this methodology on specific days.

Do I want a pregnancy test done at your center prior to scheduling an appointment?

No. Your pregnancy test can be performed when you show up for your surgery appointment.

Conception prevention

Do you give me contraception?

Yes. We offer conception prevention to our patients following the pregnancy end. Your professional will assess your needs and assist you with the suitable conception prevention strategy.

General Questions about Abortion

Up to how long do you end pregnancy?

Our Medical Group terminates pregnancy as long as 22 weeks.

What is the earliest you can be in a pregnancy to end?

As a rule the fetus removal can be proceeded as soon as the EPT pregnancy test shows positive results or at roughly 5 to 6 weeks. Make an appointment with us assuming your period is two weeks late.

What amount does it cost to have a fetus removal?

The fees for an early termination fluctuate contingent upon center area, sort of service (surgical or non-surgical fetus removal), kind of anesthesia (neighborhood anesthesia or general anesthesia), length of gestation (13 weeks and under or 13.5 to 22 weeks), and use of insurance. Please see our Fees Page for details.

What sort of insurance do you acknowledge for fetus removal? Is it covered?

Yes, we acknowledge most insurance plans. We will take your insurance data and benefits. Most insurance plans cover fetus removal services. Your insurance plan might expect that you pay a level of the expense for your services. In some cases you will require a reference or approval from your PCP or health plan. Please contact your primary care physician or clinical gathering to get your approval. Before your appointment time, please check with us about the confirmation of your insurance benefits. Moreover, we acknowledge cash, all significant Mastercards, cash orders or cashiers checks, as well as Medi-Cal.

Might I at any point use my parent’s insurance?


On the off chance that I have no cash could you at any point assist me with getting a free fetus removal?

We can assist you with applying for Presumptive Eligibility (PE) that is similar to Medi-Cal.

Is it dangerous to have an early termination?

The method is safe. Less risks exist with fetus removal than labor. The physician carrying out the procedure is profoundly skilled and specializes in this system. Our staff is prepared to offer the highest standard of clinical consideration that anyone could hope to find.

What is the contrast among D&C and clinical early termination?

A D&C (Dilation and Curettage) is the surgical methodology to end pregnancy. A D&C can be performed as long as 13 weeks gestation. The non-surgical technique is accomplished with drug and presented to 9 weeks of gestation.

How soon might I at any point get an appointment?

Appointments are accessible for the same day or the next day.

Will somebody converse with me before the system?

Yes. A prepared counselor will survey your clinical history, pre and post employable instructions, technique for installment and contraception data. Our clinical expert will play out a physical assessment preceding the technique and will answer any extra questions you might have.

How might I feel genuinely after the early termination?

It has been our experience that most of our patients are feeling better after the system. Notwithstanding, every patient is exceptional. Breathe out offers a free post-early termination talkline at 1-866-439-4253. In the event that a patient is feeling outrage, lament or culpability for a lengthy timeframe, she might need to consider professional counseling. We understand that early termination is a hard choice for some patients and we stay sensitive to their feelings. We are thankful that we can offer a safe solution for undesired or risky pregnancy to countless women who are supported in their entitlement to choose.

How might you know how far I am in my pregnancy?

Our clinical professional will play out a pelvic test and ultrasound if necessary to decide the length of gestation.

Consider the possibility that I am RH negative.

A blood test acted in our lab will decide your RH factor. On the off chance that your blood is RH negative, you will be given an infusion of MicroRhoGAM following the strategy.

How might I realize that the fetus removal was successful?

The contents of the uterus are sent to a pathology lab for analysis. The results of the analysis are sent to the specialist in somewhere around 5 days of the technique. You are also advised to get back to the center two weeks after surgery for a postoperative assessment.

What happens assuming that I have some complications/problems after my early termination?

Professional clinical staff is accessible to our patients 24 hours consistently. Assuming that you have any questions or are encountering post-usable problems, please call our 800 number at any hour of the day or night. Our prepared staff will speak with you and may ask that you return to our facility for assessment.

Could I at any point still get pregnant in the future after my fetus removal?

Yes, there is no proof that significantly affecting future pregnancies.

In the event that a patient is a minor, do they have to have a parental consent to have a fetus removal?

No. Minors in California are not expected to get parental consent.

About Surgical Abortion

How is the medical procedure performed?

The medical procedure is a straightforward methodology performed by yearning (pull). This technique is alluded to as a D&C (Dilation and Curretage) and takes around 2 to 5 minutes. In the event that you are north of 13 weeks pregnant, you will initially have your uterus widened with a sterile item made explicitly for cervical expansion. You will return for the genuine medical procedure on the subsequent day. This technique is alluded to as D&E (Dilation and Extraction). At times, a patient will require two continuous long stretches of expansion and will return for the medical procedure on the third day. The expansion method requires only a couple of moments and you will be in the center for roughly 2 hours the day or days that you are expanded.

Is it a specialist who carries out the procedure?

Indeed. Our PCPs are all authorized by the State of California and work in pregnancy end.

How viable is careful fetus removal?

Much of the time, careful fetus removal is totally compelling. A little level of cases will require reaspiration on the off chance that surprising draining happens or on the other hand assuming that there is held tissue.

How might I feel after my careful fetus removal?

Most patients experience some squeezing. In the event that the squeezing isn’t feeling better by over the counter drugs, for example, Extra Strength Tylenol or Advil, we request that the patient call our 24-hour crisis number. You might clean up or tub shower after a medical procedure. Try not to douche, use tampons or engage in sexual relations for a long time. Keep away from any items that contain headache medicine as ibuprofen advances dying.

Will it hurt?

Assuming that you have picked general sedation you will be totally snoozing during the medical procedure so you won’t feel any aggravation. After the technique you might encounter squeezing, which can go from gentle to direct. Much of the time Extra Strength Tylenol, Aleve or Motrin will lighten the squeezing. In the event that the squeezing isn’t lightened with these cures, you ought to call us right away.

How long will I be under broad sedation?

You will be sleeping for 5-10 minutes, depending on the off chance that the methodology is acted in the first or second trimester.

I’m apprehensive I won’t awaken after broad sedation. Could that at any point occur?

The sedation that we offer is protected, successful and short acting. You will be sleeping from 5-10 minutes relying upon the methodology. There is in every case some level of hazard with any a medical procedure. Genuine confusions with general sedation are extremely uncommon in our offices. Most inconveniences happen when a patient has ingested food or fluid in something like 8 hours of medical procedure. Let your instructor know if you have had earlier intricacies with sedation or on the other hand assuming you have had anything to eat or drink in somewhere around 8 hours preceding your medical procedure.

Could I at any point get back to work? Or on the other hand Should I take off for a couple of days?

Most of our patients return to work or school the next day. Your instructor and clinical staff will make sense of the DO’s and DON’Ts after medical procedure.

Might I at any point bring the transport back home?

Taking the transport after a medical procedure isn’t suggested. Assuming no other technique for transportation is accessible, we expect that a grown-up go with you.

How long will I drain after a medical procedure?

By and large the patient encounters draining for 2 to 3 weeks after the medical procedure. Nonetheless, a few patients experience no draining and different patients have spotting or draining now and again. You must return for your post-employable assessment fourteen days after your technique.

When will I have my next period?

Typically, your standard period will continue 4 to about two months after the medical procedure.

Consider the possibility that I don’t get my period not long after the early termination.

You must return for your 2-week present usable investigate screen your recuperation. In the event that you don’t have a period in about two months, kindly call us.

Could I at any point utilize tampons after my medical procedure?

You shouldn’t utilize tampons after a medical procedure. Clean napkins ought to be utilized to diminish the chance of disease and to screen the sum you are dying.

Could I at any point do oxygen consuming activity after medical procedure?

You ought to stay away from exhausting active work or hard work (north of 15 pounds) for a considerable length of time after the strategy.

When might I at any point engage in sexual relations again after the medical procedure?

You shouldn’t have intercourse for quite some time after your technique. At the point when you return for your fourteen day check up, the professional will exhort in the event that you can continue sex. We suggest that you swear off sexual movement for a long time since following your strategy you are more helpless to contamination and new pregnancy.

For what reason mightn’t I at any point eat before a medical procedure?

At the point when general sedation is directed, gag reflexes are briefly stifled. Assuming food or fluid stay in the stomach, regurgitating can happen bringing about suffocation.

Could I at any point have somebody come into the medical procedure or recuperation room with me?

Your driver, companion or relative may not enter the medical procedure or recuperation room with you, as we should safeguard the privacy of our patients in general. We urge your driver to sit tight for you in our anteroom. On the off chance that this is beyond the realm of possibilities, your driver can return for you in around 2 hours. Your driver actually must hang tight for you until your clinical and actual history has been finished.

What befalls the baby that was eliminated from me during the fetus removal?

The tissue is shipped off an authorized and certify Laboratory for examination and is discarded in understanding to the orders of State regulation.

About the Abortion Pill

What is clinical early termination?

Clinical fetus removal is a strategy to end pregnancy non-precisely with medicine. This strategy is accessible to ladies under nine weeks of pregnancy. The drug utilized is Mifeprex and Cytotec tablets.

Imagine a scenario in which the pill doesn’t work.

In a little level of cases, the tablets given for non-careful fetus removal don’t cause premature delivery. In these cases, the patient could require a careful pregnancy end, which is covered by your underlying installment.


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