K-drama Inspired Glossy Looks With The Right Face Blush!

Right Face Blush
Right Face Blush

Ever since the worldwide lockdown, Korean dramas have kept us engrossed with their fashion, music, romance, and dance. Its viewership has risen by 370 per cent in India alone. This level of consumption has undoubtedly impacted the spectators in terms of makeup routines. Most fans seek the flawless glam and glow featured on the shows. Alas, not many know the tricks of how to achieve it. Therefore, the following article will help you choose the right face blush for the K-drama looks:

The texture 

First and foremost, it is highly essential to understand the different textures of face blush available in the market. Understanding this and how it fits on your skin can be a great help.

  1. A compact– If you have an oily skin type, choosing an ultra-sheer powdered compact is the solution to all your problems.
  2. A cream blush– If you are a fan of the K-way of fashion, then a cream blush is one of the best bets to get a glowing fresh look.

Choosing the Correct Colour of blush

Choosing natural colours instead of something too flashy is advisable to get the exact K-drama look. Let us note some of the best shades for different skin tones.

  1. Soft pink/ light peach/ coral – These shades are for all you light-skinned fans of the K-drama look. Not only do they work perfectly for regular use but also in the case of special occasions. You can try the Lotus Makeup Ecostay Longlasting Silky Smooth Blush in the shade of Coral Glaze.
  2. Deep peach/ mauve/ rich pink – Every medium-skin tone fan can choose these shades for a natural look. Moreover, it also adds a pop of colour on special occasions if used in increased proportions.
  3. Berry/ fuchsia/ raisin/ tangerine/ brown – If you have dark skin tone and want to achieve your favourite K-drama-inspired glossy look, these shades can help. 

The Famous Flushed Cheeks

The most prominent factor in Korean makeup is the flushed cheeks. Whether you aim for a natural and clear skin look or a glamorous red carpet avatar., this works. Choose a shade depending on the skin tone, attire, and event for it to work. Next, apply the face blush generously and blend it in. However, keep in mind to opt for a darker shade than the foundation used. The Lotus Makeup Proedit Silk Touch Blush Highlighter Duo packs can help anyone achieve the desired results. Its micro-fine pigments melt onto the skin seamlessly to provide intense and long-lasting colour.

To sum it all up

People worldwide are getting smitten with the cute and easy-looking makeup styles portrayed in Korean shows. With the help of the tips mentioned above and easily available products like face blushes, anyone can pull off their favourite K-drama diva look.


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