Having Stiff Upper Half? Give Yoga For Upper Body a Try

yoga for upper body

Almost everyone is talking about lower body flexibility and mobility. What about the upper body? Working in and out on desk jobs puts too much stress on your shoulders, neck, and upper back. So, you should equally work on your upper body. Hence, incorporating yoga for upper body in your life could be a life-changing decision for you.

With that said, here are some of the easiest yet most effective poses of yoga for upper body. Practicing these works on your neck, shoulder, and scapula muscles. Furthermore, loosening up your upper body results in better overall flexibility and mobility. Read on.

Simple Poses of Yoga For Upper Body

Standing Side Bends

From shoulder joints to core muscles, the Standing Side bend improves your upper-body mobility. It also works on the side of your body. Hence, it is one of the best poses of yoga for upper body to loosen up your spine.

Further, practicing the Standing Side bend stretching removes tension from your hips and spinal joints. While practicing this pose, make sure you do not move your feet from their place. Make sure you squeeze your hip muscles while bending sideways.

Backbend Stretching

Don’t you think you have been bending forward a lot lately? In addition to that, even working on a desk job keeps you tilted forward for long hours. So, that leads to muscle stiffness and immobility. Hence, backbend stretching is one of the best techniques of yoga for upper body.

You need to ensure that you do not bend too far. It could lead to injury or every muscle pull. What you can do is use a yoga strap. Attach one end of the yoga strap to a fixed position and the other end to your lower back. This keeps you from falling off and enhances the stretch.

Assisted Downward Dog

One of the quintessential poses of yoga for upper body is the assisted Downward Dog pose. In this case, you perform it on a wall. From your hamstrings to your shoulders, it works on every joint in your upper body.

Furthermore, assisted Downward Dog improves the range of motion of your shoulder joints. Moreover, it helps in the proper alignment of your spine and hips. In short, it releases pressure and stress from your spine and neck.

Thread The Needle

Weaker rear shoulder heads result in rounding of your spine. Moreover, they increase pressure on your neck muscles. Hence, you should practice Thread the Needle pose of yoga for upper body. Furthermore, it helps in releasing muscle soreness from your upper half body.

Practicing Thread the Needle pose reduces the shoulder joint tension. Moreover, it is great for daily stress release and also massages your knees. Also, this pose of yoga for upper body is good for your rotator cuffs.

Child’s Pose

Do you want to release stress from your lower back along with stretching your upper body? If so, the Child’s pose is just the thing for you. It helps in the release of tension and pressure from your lower back.

Further, moving your hands away from your body while bending down helps in opening the upper back. It cures the spinal stiffness that helps in moving freely without any pain or discomfort. Moreover, practicing the Child’s pose removes fatigue from your legs.

Tip: It could be a perfect way to warm up your body for Vinyasa yoga poses. Being gentle on your body ensures you are ready to practice yoga without any injury.

Cross Arm Stretch

Shoulder joints are the complex cluster of joints in the upper body. They are further dependent on neck and scapular muscles for support. Hence, you should also work on them. For that, the easier version of the Threat the Needle pose of yoga for upper body is fit for you.

Hence, stretching your shoulder joints and upper body has never been easy. Make sure you include it in your yoga practice.

Wrap Up

The art of yoga for upper body could be complex for extreme beginners. Thus, they should join a registered yoga school. This helps them practice yoga under experts’ guidance and earn the Yoga Alliance certification at the same time. In short, you learn yoga, become a master, gain certification, and teach yoga across the globe. Hence, it would open new dimensions of life to you.


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