Here are Five Tips to Treat Your Severe Pain Instantly 


While drugs and over-the-counter medication might seem like an easy way to manage pain, they are not always effective in the long run. Besides, the possibilities of side effects make them the wrong choice to get rid of the pain.  

Indeed, pain can be uncomfortable and make life miserable for the victim. However, one can engage various means to treat severe pain which does not involve medication. It is possible to effectively manage pain like arthritis, backache, and joint ache by some natural means and slight lifestyle adjustment.  

Sometimes, pain could be a pointer to an anomaly in the body. For instance, a bruised knee or sprained ankle will trigger pain. However, many people have to deal with the pain that lingers for weeks and months, affecting their quality of life.  

For people dealing with various forms of pain that have lingered for too long, there are different practical management tips that one can engage in relieving it. This article will explore five helpful tips to get quick relief from all forms of pain: 

Use THC Gummies 

THC is one of the many compounds present in the marijuana plant. It can also help in pain relief by adjusting the natural cannabinoid receptors present in the body, which reduces pain perception and signals.  

When THC gets into the body, it mimics the cannabinoids occurring naturally in the body. As a result, consumption of THC triggers the cannabinoids receptors present in the body. This triggers the brain’s reward system, decreasing the pain level. 

THC is available in various forms, and you can select the most appropriate ones to meet your needs. You can decide to smoke THC or use a vape device to inhale it. Also, there are THC oil and THC gummies, which you can consume on the go to provide pain relief.  

Heat and Cold Therapy 

Heat and cold therapy is a common and effective pain management tip that can provide quick relief to pain. The therapy is pretty effective and is even used on the football pitch for injured athletes.  

Applying an ice pack to an affected body part is to reduce swelling and inflammation that might arise due to strained muscle, ligament, and tendon. After reducing the inflammation with cold therapy, heat application can help reduce stiffness. 

Cold therapy also comes in handy to relieve headaches, while heat application will help relieve arthritis. With a microwave, you can raise the temperature of heat packs so you can reuse them whenever you wish. 


Ginger comes with some unique properties that make it effective in getting rid of pain and inflammation. Eating raw ginger or adding it to your meal can reduce inflammation from overexertion due to working out.  

When you eat two grams of ginger daily, it can bring down muscle pain that springs up from constant running and other exercises, according to a study in 2015. This natural root plant with pain relief properties can provide quick recovery for exercise-related inflammation.   

Ginger can be consumed raw or added to a meal as a spice or used in making smoothies. If you don’t have access to natural ginger, consider getting ginger supplements in grocery stores. 

Consider Yoga 

The practice of yoga dates back thousands of years. It is a low-impact workout that targets various body muscles and tissues to provide various forms of relief.  

Pain in any body part might make movement uncomfortable. Yet, keeping the affected part immobile is not a good idea as it will likely worsen the pain. Yoga is a form of meditation and movement that benefits one.  

The practice involves a series of stretches that will manage pain and benefit from stress relief, improved sleep, reduced weight, boosted athletic function, better muscle strength, etc. It involves the combination of relaxation tips with breathing and self-care. This explains why yoga can relieve pain and significantly lower back pain.  

With a structured yoga pose, you can relieve neck pain as well. There are indications that yoga can also help ease arthritis, headache, and other pain types. 

Consider Acupuncture  

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice with many benefits, including pain relief. The idea behind the process is that unbalance in various energy pathways in the body causes various issues for the victim, including pain. However, acupuncture tries to balance these energy pathways called qi. With acupuncture, one will get pain relief and other benefits like stress relief, improved digestion, and reduced eye strain. 

The acupuncturist places needles in specific places around the body concerning the pain source. One’s energy pathway also determines the placement of the needles, which might be away from the pain source.  

Acupuncture also triggers the release of serotonin: a feel-good hormone that can soothe pain sensations. Research reveals that acupuncture can relieve victims of migraines and chronic pain.  


Pain does not have to make your life miserable and unbearable. One can engage several reliable tips to manage pain. You can successfully manage pain without severe side effects from light exercise to using THC gummies, acupuncture, and yoga. While drugs and over-the-counter medication might provide quick relief, they are not sustainable in the long run due to the side effects and tendency for over-dependency.  


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