How Can I Make My Fingers Look Thinner?


Trends and fashions have come and go but some nail shapes have been consistent with slimming down fat fingers. Some say these are round, oval, and squoval whereas some prefer the almond, coffin, and stiletto.

The quick answer is- all of them!

Yes, all these nail shapes mentioned above are perfect to look your nails thinner. Keeping your nails long along with maintaining this nail shape will do wonders for you.

Now, let’s see how these shapes work for your nails.

5 Best Nail Shapes to Make Your Fingers Look Thinner

It is extremely hard to figure out the right nail shape for large fingers that can make them appear thinner. So, what is the best nail shape for fat fingers that can give a slimmer and more elongated look?

If this question is wandering in your head till now, check out the list below.


This shape is easy and quickest to achieve and has low maintenance. You barely need any time to file and shape this type of nail. Alongside, this shape does not break easily, resulting in less maintenance. It also looks quite natural and effortless with a little more shape to it making it the best fit for chubby fingers.


The oval nail shape is a more elevated version of a round shape with a little more length at the tip. Thus, it creates an illusion of longer and slimmer nails. The oval shape has a wider base with a thinner tip. However, the tip is quite rounded which makes it more practical and sophisticated.


The name says it all for this shape. If you have never heard about or seen this everlasting trendy shape, just pick an almond. It is exactly the shape of it with a slightly pointed tip but not too sharp and pointy. It makes chubby fingers look slimmer a little more than the aforesaid shapes.

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This shape is the completely dramatic version of Almond shapes. Stiletto has the sharpest and pointiest tip that automatically requires a longer nail to flatter the shape. This nail shape is enough to make you feel like a diva if you can carry this look.

However, it can be inconvenient, easily breakable, and high maintenance to some extent. You will need some time to get accustomed to everyday work while carrying this style.


If you do not prefer your nail to be pointed, this nail shape is the best option for you. The name itself suggests a square and an oval. So it has the base of an oval shape with a square shape. The best part of this nail shape is that it does not tend to chip, making it the best nail shape for short fat fingers.


This shape is another shape you can opt for if you cannot carry pointy nails. Coffin shape has the same base of round, oval, almond, and stiletto but with a square tip. Or in easy words, if you cut straight the tip of almond or stiletto shaped nail, you will get the exact look of coffin nails. It gives you the feeling of elongated slimmer fingers with low maintenance.

Add on: Nail shape can definitely make your fingers look slimmer but here are some add-on tips for you.

  • Accessories can also be a game-changer, especially if you choose sleek and dainty jewellery. It draws people’s attention to take it off from the shape of your finger.
  • Deeper colours maybe your favourite but refrain from wearing them as nail paintsif you want slimmer looking fingers. Lighter, brighter or neutral colours make your nails look bigger and wider, making your fingers look slim.
  • Do not just rely on nails because they are temporary. Finger exercises can be a permanent solution to lose fat around chubby fingers. It may take longer to show results but can actually work its magic in the long go.

Moreover, you can opt for these nail shapes according to your convenience and time, along with the add-on tips to make your fat fingers look slim.


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