How to Choose the Right Drinking Water?


“One should drink plenty of water in a day.” It does not require a rocket science level of knowledge to understand that water has many beneficial effects on the body, and one should drink it plenty. Staying hydrated throughout the day will improve one’s digestive system and skin problems and even help the proper functioning of the brain. 

But even if one decides to stay hydrated and drink a standard amount of water in a day, how to decide which drinking water is best for them. Or to begin with, how many types of drinking water and torques jal natural mineral water manufacturers are available in the market. 

So let’s quickly take a look at the types of drinking water available and their good and bad points.

Mineral Water

Mineral water is just like how it sounds; it is a pool of multiple minerals- calcium, magnesium, sulfur, etc. drinking this water is very good for the body.


– It tastes better than tap water

– Provides minerals to the body

– Improve digestion and functioning of the heart


– It is expensive to buy bottled mineral water continuously

Tap Water

Tap water is the most generic type of water. It is available through the regular piped water supply. Tap water comes out of the kitchen sink and is also used for flushing the toilet.


It- Cheaper than most the bottled waters

– Easily available at all times

It- Safe to drink


– Sometimes, due to failed wastewater management, the water supply can get contaminated, making the water undrinkable

Glacier or spring water

Suppliers like Torques jal natural drinking water supplier and others who are into manufacturing glacier water tend to bottle it from the source of it, glaciers and spring.


– It is readily available in the stores

– It is relatively clean and does not contain any toxins


– Some glacier water can be unfiltered, not suitable for drinking

– Can seem pricey

Purified water

Purified water is the upgraded version of ground and tap water. They are treated, removing harmful substances like fungi, bacteria, parasites, and even lead.


– Guaranteed safe to drink

– Easy access to purified water 


– Installation of the purification system is a hassle

– Sometimes, purification can also remove good minerals and elements.

Sparkling water

Torques jal natural mineral water manufacturers make sparkling water by infusing carbon dioxide under pressure. In simple terms, it’s referred to as soda water or carbonated water. 


– The fizz gives a refreshing feeling

– Mineralized sparkling water contains the goodness of many minerals.


– Not a suitable option for everyday drinking water.

– Expensive compared to tap and mineral water.

Suppliers like torques jal natural drinking water suppliers can be a good brand for finding a trustworthy mineral water brand. Keep in mind that one should not be very stingy when it comes to essentials like water. It is vital to carefully choose the right water type and brand that is safe and suits one’s digestive system. Also, consider both health benefits and personal preference to make the right decision as one will be drinking it regularly.


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