Tips To Handle Invisalign Discomfort and Pain During Invisalign

Invisalign discomfort

Invisalign is ideal option to straighten the teeth. But sometimes it causes pain, soreness and discomfort at the same time. Although you will experience less pain in contrast to metal braces yet the intensity will vary from a person to another. Also a majority of patients mention the pain of Invisalign as discomfort and pressure as teeth shift to the new position.

Commonly, patients feel pain when they start using the Invisalign for the very first time. Also during switching to new aligner they feel the same discomfort and pain. It is because the teeth will shift to the desired position gradually and mouth is not familiar to it.

So, you can experience sore for some days after putting on the aligner. While some experience it for the first initial days some feel it during the entire treatment period.

If you experience the pain and discomfort then remember that the teeth are shifting to the original position. Invisalign works as expected but there are several ways you can try out to lessen the impact of pain. Before you undergo Invisalign treatment in Harley Street read this blog to know some tricks to tackle discomfort and pain caused by clear aligner.

Apply cold compress and ice pack

Applying something cold will definitely numb the pain and lessen the swelling. By this you can minimise pain to some extent. Apply ice pack and cold compress for 10 minutes each time. Never apply it directly on the skin and you can wrap it in the towel or cloth piece instead. Repeat the process multiple times a day!

Drink lots of cold water

It is much similar to that of application of cold compress. Cold water will numb the spot gently. Also by having the aligner in the mouth you can drink water. Just refrain from the consumption of soda, juice and any other sugary drinks causing harm to oral health including cavities.

Suck on the ice cubes

You can cope up the Invisalign pain by sucking on the ice cubes. There is no need to pop out the aligner while doing so. However, you must be careful during sucking. Don’t chew on them accidentally. Otherwise, it can cause unnecessary pain as teeth become highly sensitive to bite on the hard foods and extreme temperatures. 

Don’t eat hard foods

For sore teeth you mustn’t eat hard foods such as crackers and nuts as it can cause pain during chewing. Always prefer having soft foods which never lead to pain during chewing or biting like hard-boiled eggs, tuna, hummus and bread.

Take OTC painkillers

In case of excruciating pain, consider having OTC (over-the-counter) medicines like acetaminophen, aspirin and ibuprofen to seek relief from pain. Just take it as per recommended doses or as instructed by the dentist. Invisalign pain is much likely to experience after switching to new tray in the set and OTC pain relievers can provide much-needed relief to you.

Use Orajel

It is topical pain reliever which you can apply on the gums and teeth directly especially when experiencing soreness and pain. It numbs the spot for temporary period. Ensure that you apply Orajel to painful site after popping out the aligner.

Ensure that your Invisalign sits snugly

After inserting the aligner you should assure that it is positioned correctly. In case aligner doesn’t fit snugly then you can feel discomfort and it offers irrelevant pressure on the teeth. Also it can cause pain because of pulling the teeth in incorrect position.

Avoid taking Invisalign out frequently

You must put on the Invisalign for long 22 hours every day. Just pop them out from the mouth at the time of brushing, drinking and eating. By putting them into the mouth for long hours you are going to experience less pain.

Also it finishes off the treatment procedure much earlier than ever. In case you leave aligner out of the mouth for long and it fits perfectly because of dental adjustment. Otherwise it can result in Invisalign pain due to readjustment of teeth to your aligner again.

Switch to new aligner before bed time

With the arrival of right time to switch to new aligner, you can do so a couple of hours before you bed time. It provides adequate time to the teeth to familiar with the new position during sleeping. By this way you cannot feel the Invisalign pain as you will be sleeping during the initial adjustment. Moreover, you are not removing it to eat or drink something.

Follow the schedule strictly

You have to change the aligner tray after specific time. This custom made aligner has the motto to minimise the pain during straightening the teeth. Never switch the aligner ahead of mentioned time.

Rinse the mouth using saltwater

Rarely, Invisalign can lead to mouth sores if it rubs against the tongue or gums. When it happens clean them with the help of saltwater. Just swish the water around the mouth and spit it out.

Keep patience

Typically, you will experience more discomfort and pain at the beginning of the treatment. Once the teeth become accommodate to it there will reduction in the pain and discomfort. But keep patience and provide some time to accustom with the new norm. Once you use it for a couple of months there will no pain anymore. 

Invisalign is almost painless if compared to other teeth straightening methods. Only a few patients report mild pain and discomfort due to pressure exerts by the aligner. However, if the pain persists then you can take numerous steps to subside down it.

Consult with the orthodontist near you or you can give us a call at Smile Works Dental. Our dental experts are readily to serve you in effective way to make you continue the treatment without any pain and discomfort.


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