Dos and Don’ts Recommendations of Contact Lens Wear

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Contact lenses are a great help for those who do not want to wear eyeglasses all the time. Many people worldwide wear lenses also to be able to correct their vision or for cosmetic purposes. But even before going over the ways and methods to make sure that you use contact lenses properly, it is essential to know a little bit more about these small discs made of plastic and silicone that go onto the surface of your eyes.

A contact lens is a small, thin lens that helps improve the wearer’s vision or the appearance of the colored part of the eye. In the same way as eyeglasses, prescription lenses help enhance vision. These are a practically weightless, almost invisible alternative to spectacles. Also, some contact lenses are color and aid in changing someone’s appearance. Suppose it is your first time wearing lenses for vision improvement, cosmetics, or other purposes. In that case, this blog will help you to know about some important rules and regulations about wearing contact lenses.

Remember to Do These Before and When Wearing Contact Lenses

The following instructions which keep in mind while placing contact lenses in your eyes.

  1. Wash your hands well before handling lenses or touching your eyes. Make sure to use a mild soap, and then dry your hands with tissues or a lint-free cloth.
  1. Clean lenses after removal and always place them in the solution provided with the lenses inside a contact lens case.
  1. Blinking is the best way to ensure that the lens remains moist and clean.
  1. If the solution has not been use for a month, discard it.  When not used daily, it is good to change the solution in the lens case once a week.
  1. Sunglasses with Power Lenses are the best options when wearing lenses in an outdoor area.  This is not compulsory but ideal.

Now that you know about the essential things to remember while inserting and wearing those lenses. Here are the most crucial things to follow while using contact lenses for any purpose.

What to Do While Wearing Contact Lenses

Here are the most important things to do while wearing contact lenses:

Do Not Sleep with Contact Lenses in Your Eyes

According to ECPs, removing the lenses you wear before sleeping is good. However, leaving them in your eyes will increase the risk of a corneal infection. 

Remove Lenses Before Going Into Water Bodies or Showers

Any water body has many tiny organisms that can cause infection. Hence, it is good to remove the contact lenses before entering the shower or into public swimming pools.

Never Use Saline Solution for Disinfection or Cleaning Lenses

A saline solution at the most basic level is sterile saltwater. It does not clean or disinfect lenses. Hence, it is good to have a solution with disinfection properties.  Always use the contact lens solution and lens care products recommended by the ECP.

Change and Clean Contact Lens Cases Regularly

Any ECP will always advise you to change lens cases at an interval of about three months as the lens cases can get dirty and need to replace. Also, it is good not to clean lens cases with tap water as it is not sterile and causes several eye infections, causing bacteria.

Fresh Solution Every Time

Reusing contact lens solutions is not a good choice for saving money. However, every time you remove and store your lenses, it is good to pour a new lens solution to store your lenses. It is also better not to top off the old solution with a new one. Instead, always empty the entire lens solution in the lens case and refill with a fresh solution each time.

Remove Contact Lenses if There is Irritation

If you feel that the lenses you are wearing are making your eyes itchy or irritated, remove them as keeping them in could cause injury or infection. Also, there could be some injury or infection on the cornea. It needs to check out by the ECP. 

Never lick your lenses

Using your mouth to lick your lenses is the worst thing you could do. Your mouth is full of germs, and those germs will enter your eyes. It could cause a lot of infection and vision issues. 

Dailies Are Calls Dailies For a Reason

 Daily disposable contact lenses are called daily disposables for a reason. Dispose of them after one day of use.

Trim Fingernails to Reduce Damaged Lenses

While a regular user of contact lenses, it is better to trim nails as and when possible so that the lenses do not get damaged. Trimmed nails also help ensure that you do not end up poking your eyes accidentally while inserting or removing these lenses.

In Conclusion:

The things mentioned above to be kept in mind while wearing contact lens and what follows next is some crucial advice that should be remembered to ensure that your experience of wearing lenses remains hassle-free and without any complications.

  1. It is a good idea to skip using contact lenses if you have a fever or cold.
  1. Never rub your eyes too much while wearing lenses.
  1. Remember which lens goes into which eye, i.e., the right lens goes into the right eye, and the left lens goes into the left eye.
  1. Do not keep wearing your lenses if your eyes are uncomfortable or unusually red.
  1. Tap water is not an option to soak or rinse your contact lenses.
  1. Do not leave your lens case unattended in extremely high temperatures.

Remember to check if the lenses you are wearing are comfortable, do not make your eyes feel red, and see clearly without any issues. It is good to ask the ECP any questions you need to ask before wearing contact lenses for cosmetic or vision purposes.


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