Hunter Schafer: 18 facts about the Euphoria star you really want to be aware


Figure out Hunter Schafer’s age, height and all the other things about her here.

1. All that you really want to be aware of Hunter Schafer

Hunter Schafer is perhaps of TV’s most encouraging youthful star. The trans entertainer and model is presently wowing watchers with her presentation job in HBO’s Euphoria. Notwithstanding, she has been causing disturbances both on and off screen for a really long time. Get to know Hunter here.

2. How old is Hunter Schafer?

Hunter Schafer was brought into the world in 1999. Her birthday is December 31. She is 22 years of age.

3. How tall is Hunter Schafer?

Hunter Schafer is 5 feet 10 inches tall. Her height is 1.77 in meters. 

4. Where is Hunter Schafer from? Could it be said that she is American?

Hunter Schafer is from the US. Her identity is American and she was brought into the world in Raleigh, North Carolina. Hunter presently ventures to the far corners of the planet for her acting and displaying work.

5. Who are Hunter Schafer’s folks? Could it be said that they are well known?

Hunter Schafer’s folks are Katy Schafer and Mac Schafer. Macintosh is a minister at Hudson Memorial Presbyterian Church. Hunter has three more youthful kin. [Melodie Jeng through Getty Images]

6. Who plays Jules in Euphoria on HBO?

Hunter Schafer is the entertainer who plays Jules in Euphoria on HBO. The youngster show stars Zendaya as Rue, a 17-year-old recuperating drug fiend who gets to know Jules Vaughn. Jules is a trans young lady who as of late moved to Rue’s town. This is Hunter’s most memorable on screen job.

7. What motion pictures and TV shows has Hunter Schafer been ready?

The way things are, Hunter Schafer has just acted in Euphoria as Jules. Be that as it may, she likewise co-composed the episode ‘Screw Anyone Who’s Not a Sea Blob’. Given her monstrous ability, we have presumably that she will be in a lot more motion pictures and TV shows from now on.

8. Hunter Schafer is dear companions with Zendaya

Hunter Schafer and Zendaya don’t simply act in Euphoria together. They are likewise dear companions, in actuality, and frequently show up on one another’s virtual entertainment takes care of. We must choose the option to stan.

9. Hunter Schafer is an expert model

Prior to handling a job in Euphoria, Hunter Schafer became well known as quite possibly of the most famous model in the design business. Throughout the span of her vocation, Hunter has displayed for brands including Dior, Miu and Marc Jacobs.

10. Is Hunter Schafer trans?

Very much like her Euphoria character Jules, Hunter Schafer is a transsexual lady. Hunter utilizes she/they pronouns. Talking on North Carolina public radio, Hunter said: “I truly do like individuals to know that I’m not a cisgirl on the grounds that that is not something that I am or feel as am I. I’m glad to be a trans individual.”

11. What are Hunter Schafer’s pronouns?

Hunter Schafer utilizes she/her pronouns as well as ungendered Mx/they pronouns as a proper title.

12. Hunter Schafer sued North Carolina over their ‘restroom bill’

Hunter Schafer is a glad LGBTQ+ dissident. Hunter Schafer went about as an offended party in ACLU’s claim against North Carolina’s restroom bill. Composing for I-D, Hunter made sense of: “What precisely is House Bill 2? Passed in March, 2016, HB2 states that clients of public bathrooms should use the bathroom that compares to their relegated sex upon entering the world, as opposed to the room that relates to their orientation character.” The bill put trans individuals in danger, specifically the people who exist beyond in the middle between orientation pairs. Hunter went through months with legal counselors, drilling down into her background as declaration for the case. The bill was revoked, nonetheless, more regulations have been jeopardized set up since to put trans individuals and Hunter keeps on battling them.

13. Is Hunter Schafer veggie lover?

Hunter Schafer isn’t veggie lover however she frequently eats vegetarian food. Addressing Irish Times, she said: “I love [Moby’s] Little Pine in Los Angeles. It’s a veggie lover eatery where they have mind boggling informal breakfast and meals. They have a great mixed thing, astonishing flapjacks, they have oat milk for espresso, and most likely the best vegetarian pizza I’ve had in for what seems like forever. I’m not a serious vegetarian, but rather I wait in the veggie lover region. It helps that it’s close to where I reside, and I like the energy in the cafĂ©.

14. Who is Hunter Schafer dating?

Hunter Schafer will in general keep her heartfelt life hidden. In January 2022, Hunter was spotted clasping hands with her Euphoria season 2 co-star Dominic Fike. Therefore, many fans accept that they are dating however neither Hunter nor Dominic has affirmed assuming they are.

15. Are Hunter Schafer and Dominic Fike dating?

Not long after Euphoria season 2 emerged, Hunter Schafer and Dominic Fike were shot clasping hands in LA. Hunter was likewise spotted backstage at one of Dominic’s shows the other day. This has driven fans to guess that they could date. Notwithstanding, neither one of the stars has said anything freely about their relationship.

16. What is Hunter Schafer’s sexuality?

Hunter Schafer is eccentric yet she doesn’t unequivocally mark her sexuality. Talking about her sexuality with I-D in 2019, Hunter Schafer said: “I’m nearer to what you could call a lesbian.”

17. What is Hunter Schafer’s net worth?

Hunter Schafer is presently assessed to have a net worth of around $1,000,000.

18. Is Hunter Schafer on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat?

Hunter Schafer is on Instagram and Twitter however she doesn’t have a public Snapchat account. You can follow her by means of @hunterschafer on Instagram. The virtual entertainment sovereign has over 2.7 million adherents. Concerning Twitter, her username is @hunters. [@hunterschafer by means of Instagram]

19. Is Hunter Schafer on TikTok?

The way things are, Hunter Schafer doesn’t have a public TikTok account. However, we will refresh you on the off chance that she gets one. [@hunterschafer by means of Instagram]


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