Importance of Preventative Health Checkups – All You Need To Know

Health Checkups

Different factors can have a great influence on your health, apart from inherited genes from your parents, climatic conditions of your house and the type of work you do. As per scientific evidence, the lifestyle of individuals has a vital impact in determining their overall condition. When one sees a doctor regularly, the doctor is able to see the changes in the patient’s body and therefore, is able to detect health conditions or diseases early. 

The consumption of foods and liquids, doing regular exercises, certain habits such as consuming alcohol. And smoking might affect your health condition, other than life expectancy. You might even develop chronic diseases and you will then have to live with them. But making certain changes in your diet such as taking more vegetables and fruits as well as lessening the intake of alcohol with regular exercises can make you look and feel better. You will also be able to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Cardiovascular diseases are responsible for almost 24.8% deaths and though they are preventable, the disease is killing more people every year. Some causes include – high cholesterol level, unhealthy food intake, physical inactivity, obesity, use of tobacco and high pressure. Preventative methods can ensure better health when you say no to cigarettes. Use of tobacco for your healthy heart and maintain proper weight. Your health consciousness and physical fitness seems to be an asset for the individuals.

Some life-threatening ailments with heart disease include:

  • Respiratory diseases responsible for 10.2% deaths and the major cause is air pollution and smoking.
  • Tuberculosis which accounts for nearly 10.1% deaths.
  • Malignant and other tumour problems which is responsible for 9.4% deaths.
  • Uncertain and undetermined health problems for almost 5.3% deaths.
  • Digestive ailments are responsible for almost 5.1% deaths.
  • Diarrheal diseases seem to be accountable for nearly 5.0% deaths.
  • Malaria leads to around 2.8% of total disease for deaths.

The cause of these ailments differs from not getting the vaccination against certain communicable diseases which expose you to addictions, ionizing radiation, harmful habits, exposure to toxic or chemical compounds, alcohol abuse, pathogens, radio therapy, parasite germs transmission, tobacco abuse, unhealthy food, medications, viral or bacterial infections.

With health awareness, you get proper education and empower communities as well as people to make some positive changes. And lessen the risk of suffering from severe ailments as well as other indispositions.

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Importance of preventive health checkups

The approach for the smooth transition between various stages of life demands sharp attention for evaluating your healthy life.  It is mandatory for all individuals to perform complete medical checkup which are available in different packages. Different diagnostic scans and medical tests should be conducted in a comfortable way that require less time. The individuals should get the results either directly or through email. There must be periodic reminders and facilities for collecting the samples at home, especially for elderly people. This will create a win-win situation for the beneficiaries and the service providers.

The Preventive Health Checkup package includes full body health checkups and is different as per the need of the individual. This facility may help to assess their health condition and know about medical requirements. At the same time, they get proper counselling and stay on the right track to lead a happy and healthy life. The doctors will suggest to perform full body checkups at an internal of six months.

Modern Preventive health screenings

Preventive health screenings use up-to-date medical technology to identify potential problems before you have symptoms. The screening tech will measure the rate the blood flows through your arteries, which is affected by the presence of plaque. Plaque in the carotid arteries is a major risk factor for stroke, because it can break off and travel to the brain, or if it completely blocks blood flow, the brain becomes deprived of oxygen.

Early detection of risk for stroke and cardiovascular disease enables you to work with your doctor to develop an action plan, with the goal of preventing chronic disease. Some risk factors you can control: smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, and being physically active, for instance. Some risk factors you cannot control, like your age or your family history of stroke and heart disease. Preventive screenings provide powerful information, enabling you to have even more knowledge regarding your risk. And knowledge is power.

Health system focuses on treating sick people

Prevention has been used to represent certain activities that may stop any behaviour or action. It denotes activities that can promote some positive action or behaviour.  ‘Disease Prevention’ may be possible to a great extent.  The government as well as private sectors have taken proper initiatives to get rid of communicable diseases and epidemics. But certain severe diseases can dig claws into an individual, due to their addictions and habits over a certain time period.

Thus, you may go for a consultation with your private GP in London and know about the importance of preventative health checkups two times every year.


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