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Camp in Kanakapura, Guhantara Resort and the Clouds in Mekedatu. Chunchi Falls, Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta, Kanakapura Park, Prani, Pyramid Valley, Arkavati and many more. In Kanakapura, Guhantara Resort in Kabbaladurga, Mekedatu.

You’re bound to find a perfect place with a long list of Kanakapura tourist sites to choose from, that will make your weekend unforgettable and help you build lifetime memories. Kanakapura is located in Karnataka, not far from Bangalore and provides a wide variety of treatments for visitors. Fluvial waterways, cascades, public parks and ancient temples come together to become a favourite for a short ride.

The tranquil and beautiful green surroundings make the place suitable for both an exciting and enjoyable holiday.

There are prayerfully all sorts of places to visit close to Kanakapura if you intend to take a holiday in Karnataka. Sites like Chunchi Falls and Arkawati are ideally suited to those who are inclined to nature, with their pristineness and mystical aura. By hiking to the tops of Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta and Kabbaladurga Daredevils will get their best from this location. But Kanakapura has wonderful choices for you whether it is arousing spirituality or contentment such as the Pyramid Valley and the Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Kanakapura:


Do you plan to get out of Bangalore for one weekend full of thrilling enjoyable events or to search for an interesting spot for your staff? Just look at Nature Adventure Camp. It is situated approximately 60 kilometres from Bangalore and is one of the best locations to have a thrilling retreat.

This camp is situated next to the pristine Hosadoddi Lake and Bananthimari Trees, a great location for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. The campsite provides hundreds of events on well-designed routes adapted to suit your needs and budget. It has outdoor and outdoor training facilities that allow you to not only enjoy yourself but also develop new abilities to thrive. These include becoming acquainted with the procedures of adventure vehicles, first aid and CPR.

Have a nice time wasting time on sports like cycling, hiking, rope and climbing, mud games, cross-country, boating, etc. This is not all; you can also participate in a wide variety of indoor sports. You will have dinner with your fellow guests after spending hours having fun.


Guhantara resort is one of Kanakapura’s finest tourist destinations, a great break from the pressures of bustling urban life. This is an underground destination of its kind in India with the best events to keep you enthusiastic. Enjoy going through the tunnel, climbing, swimming, paintball, zorbing, biking and much more. Enjoy carom, chess, Zoro ball and indoor sports. Here you can enjoy rainbowing as live DJ dances to music.

The resort provides rooms such as Cave Suites, Lithic Room, Primitive Room, etc. overlooking the magnificent and spacious scenery of the cascade Thottikallu, the woods, Brigade Meadows Bird Park and a lake created by mankind. After a nice day outside, rest at the house spa. The resort has a fully functioning gym and an immense area of crickets.


An exquisite hill situated a short distance from Kanakapura, 20 km from Kabbaladurga, a location enjoying most local adventure lovers. If you want to pump adrenaline on a holiday, you have to visit this close to Kanakapura, one of the best locations. A 3 km route takes you to the peak of this hill, from where you can enjoy the panorama of the settlements. Since hiking is not tough, beginners can also attempt the adventure.

You may still opt to do this walking trip at night to make the whole event all the more thrilling. The vision of the lighted cityscape under the dark city looks simply beautiful. In addition to the cool brief that revives your senses.


Mekedatu, renowned for its wonderful landscapes and tranquil environment, is one of the best tourist spaces in Kanakapura. Well-known as Goat’s Leap, Mekedatu is essentially deep, narrow gorges that are common near Bangalore. Along with many city residents who come over the weekends for a continuous picnic, you’ll even find artists and nature lovers basking on the bounty of this remote haven.

Following its confluence at Sangam, the waters of the rivers Cauvery and Kollidam flow through this location, forming a dramatic scene. To see the stream and foliage covered by mist in full glory, during the rainy season, you should visit Mekedatu.


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