How to take care of mental health on a daily basis


October 10 is World Mental Health Day. This year its slogan is: Dignity and mental health: first psychological and psychiatric help for everyone.

The purpose of establishing such a day by the World Health Organization was to emphasize the importance of mental health problems. It is estimated that currently about 25% of people suffer from various types of mental disorders. The WHO predicts that by 2020 depression will be the second most serious cause of disability in the world. If you feel that you have serious mental problems – do not take it lightly. The methods mentioned in this article are great for keeping your mental health in good shape. If you see symptoms of depression or anxiety – contact a therapist at a treatment center such as

What is mental health?

According to the WHO definition, mental health is a state thanks to which a person can fully participate in social life, is capable of productive work, fulfills his needs and, moreover, copes with various situations. It is also the basis for the proper functioning of the individual in society. Importantly, there is a very fine line between mental health and an illness resulting from an disorder. You should also be aware that the proper condition of the psyche is inextricably linked with the lifestyle and condition of the organism.

Physical activity

It would seem that physical activity does not affect our psyche. And yet various studies confirm that people who spend about 30 minutes a day on any physical activity (walking the dog, walking to work, gymnastic exercise, cycling, etc.) are less likely to suffer from depression, and rarely complain of fatigue and tiredness. . Physical activity also improves mental concentration and intellectual performance.

Healthy sleep

Sufficiently long (i.e. 6-8 hours), uninterrupted sleep in a darkened room has a huge impact on our well-being and mental condition. Sleep deprivation increases concentration problems, has an impact on irritability and the attitude towards the next day.


Full-value and regular meals, adequate hydration of the body, as well as the way we eat (do we have time to eat? Or maybe we eat on the way to work, in the car, on the bus? How is the food served? The aesthetics of the environment also has a huge impact. on well-being) – it all affects our mental condition.

A way of communicating with oneself and with the environment

An equally important way to maintain good mental health is the language we use. And yes, exaggerated generalizations, the use of the words “never”, “always”, “all”, “nothing” determine our behavior – we believe that “I will never achieve this”, “I broke everything”, “I fail at anything. “. Negatively marked messages reduce self-esteem. By saying such sentences, we stop working on ourselves, learning and developing. The same applies to failures – we often treat them as the proverbial “end of the world” and a life tragedy, but we can treat them as guidelines for achieving success in a different way than planned. And this leads to further development.


Being in the group of people whose presence irritates us, who are aggressive towards others, makes our sense of security disturbed. A good solution is to change your environment and cut yourself off from these people. It is similar with people who constantly complain, whine, do not like anything and are pessimistic towards others and towards themselves. It is important to know that we will not change such people. We can only change ourselves.


Knowing how to “contact” your emotions is very important. Isn’t it that we are constantly in a hurry and forget to enjoy the little things? When did we allow ourselves to be happy, smile, angry and sad? Can we name what we feel? “I feel sad because …”, “I’m angry because …”. Such simple messages and naming emotions make us learn, among others responsibility for your behavior.


It is important to adopt the present state of life, not to run away from what is “here and now”. This attitude will bring a sense of relief into our lives. We also cannot forget about our dreams, about setting new goals and implementing them with all consistency and joy. Even if achieving them is difficult, it is worth looking at the benefits that await at the end of this road. Also asking simple questions such as: “What am I missing in this place where I am? What I feel? What changes do I want and can I influence? ”Helps to verbalize our needs and enjoy life.

What Adversely Affects Mental Health?

Did you know that an apparently harmless mess in an apartment or workplace is a source of subconscious stress? Often times, you may not realize that the daily habits you have been repeating for many years are causing mental health problems. Another issue is the work-life imbalance. This is especially true when you work from home. Remember that you don’t live just to work. Free time, rest, and even contact with people outside of work will allow you to distance yourself from problems. Don’t compare yourself to others, and don’t be too critical of yourself. These are habits that adversely affect mental health. Try to find the positive sides of each situation, look for results that will satisfy you over time.


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