Mitsubishi’s new electric vehicle technology monitors your health while you drive

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Most driver-assistance technologies aim to make driving easier, usually by reducing the need to steer or put your foot on the gas pedal. But Mitsubishi’s latest EMIRAI xS Drive EV concept takes things in a different direction, putting driver health and passenger safety at the forefront with advanced biometric sensors and infrared cameras.

The new technology monitors a variety of health and safety factors, including drowsiness, concentration, heart rate, and breathing quality (which can indicate stress or illness). When drivers are unfit to drive the car, they can automatically pull over to a safe place or seek help.

Interestingly, the new driving system can use radio waves to detect and monitor passengers, even if they are well hidden on the floor. It can also follow the direction of the driver’s eyes and can adjust the headlights to illuminate whatever the driver sees.

Today, Mitsubishi isn’t the first company to insert biometric sensors into its cars like Mitsubishi L300 2022. Tesla uses a similar tool to detect if a driver is drowsy or not looking at the road. But automakers like Tesla are really just building safety tracks for their self-driving systems. Meanwhile, Mitsubishi wants to develop a health and safety system that can be applied to any vehicle, self-driving or not.

As the theory goes Car Blog, Mitsubishi’s experimental health and safety system could monitor sick or elderly drivers in rural areas, where public transportation is less common. It could also detect when a child is hiding on the floor of the car, or tell a delivery driver (and his unreliable employer) when he needs a break. Heck, the technology might even eventually be used in heavy machinery, boats or golf carts.

We don’t know when Mitsubishi will roll out its driver health monitoring technology, which could debut in a Mitsubishi EV or another company’s vehicle. The automaker announced that it will showcase the new EMIRAI xS Drive EV concept with health monitoring at CES XNUMX from 5 to 8, 2022.


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