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Pain O Soma 500mg

Pain o soma is a nonexclusive kind of carisoprodol known by the brand name soma. Pain o soma is utilized to treat skeletal muscle conditions. Soma (carisoprodol) is a muscle relaxer used to treat muscle Pain . Pain o soma is utilized along with rest and active recuperation to treat skeletal muscle conditions like torment or distress.

Soma additionally can fix Muscle inconvenience brought about by intense agony. It works in the cerebrum to assist with calming muscle fits.

How to take soma?

Pain o Soma 350 is typically taken three times each day and at sleep time. Pass by your PCP’s ideas, and not take a greater amount of it, don’t take it all the more regularly, and don’t take it for a more extended time frame than your PCP requested.

Pain O Soma 500 (carisoprodol) may communicate with specific meds or enhancements.

What are the results of carisoprodol?

The accompanying normal incidental effects might improve over the long haul as your body becomes acclimated to the prescription.

The most broadly perceived indications of carisoprodol are:








Inability to rest

Try not to drink liquor while taking this prescription. Taking soma (carisoprodol) can cause you to feel languid and influence your fixation and core interest.

Soma (carisoprodol) Dose:

Pain o soma (carisoprodol) accessible in 350mg and 500mg. The measure of medication you take relies upon the strength of the medication carisoprodol can cause some serious medical problem. In the event that you miss a portion of this medication, accept it straightaway. Try not to twofold portions. Nonetheless, avoid the missed portion and return to your customary dosing plan.


Store in a dry spot at room temperature, away from warmth, dampness, and direct light. Try not to surpass capacity temperature higher than 25 degrees Celsius. Avoid direct daylight. Keep locked and away from youngsters. Try not to keep terminated medication or medication presently not required.

Soma can cause perilous undesirable impacts or destructive excess if kids, pets, or grown-ups are not used to essential opiate pain meds. Ensure you store the medication in a free from any and all harm spot to keep others from getting it.

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