Pregnancy Health Prediction And Abortion Pills

Abortion pills in Dubai online
Abortion pills in Dubai online

In terms of maternal medicine and childbirth. We do not have very good indications for short-term complications of pregnancy Abortion Pills In Dubai Online. Especially major complications such as preeclampsia, early spontaneous delivery, and gestational diabetes. Surprisingly, about one in five pregnancies becomes a type of complication. We do not have good warning tests for many of these diseases. That would allow patients to be divided into high-risk and low-risk treatments.

What is preeclampsia and how does it develop during pregnancy?

Preeclampsia is a condition characterized by high blood pressure and protein loss, usually after the 20th week of pregnancy in terms of maternal medicine and childbirth. We do not have very good indications for short-term complications of pregnancy Abortion Pills In Dubai Online. It can lead to liver failure and central nervous system failure, including thyroid failure in its most severe form. The sad truth is that we are not 100% sure what preeclampsia is. We believe this is a syndrome associated with abnormal function of the mother’s thyroid gland. The classic explanation is that it is a decreased flow from the bottom of the placenta. And an increased compensatory response in the placenta.

Preeclampsia occurs in almost 7% of all pregnancies and is a major health problem. Pregnancy as it is a major risk factor for premature infants. Unfortunately, our only cure for preeclampsia is when a woman is ill and has a placenta. And has a baby that could endanger the premature birth. We recently discovered that women who have had severe preeclampsia are twice. As likely to develop cardiovascular disease later in life. Thus, it means maternal health problems even if the pregnancy is terminated.

Why is it still difficult to identify people at risk of pregnancy complications?

The main reason is that we have always been reluctant to study pregnant women. Because it is a morally acceptable or protected area of ​​human health and experience. In addition, many of these facilities are unique to humans. It is difficult for us to make significant progress without animal testing.

Women’s health problems have long been underfunded and under-researched. We spend more or less on chronic diseases and the first less pleasant diseases. This is likely to have a lifelong impact on children’s well-being as they age.

It is also difficult to say what happened to the placenta. You can view it, but a lot of important information is at the molecular. Or cellular level and is difficult to obtain and evaluate. Particularly in view of the biological and physiological characteristics of a human pregnancy and the placenta in the mammalian world.

We have recently discovered that there are RNAs that may not function. In the transcription of a protein such as mRNA or tRNA but are involved in the regulation of gene expression. These RNAs are found in inorganic RNAs.And most of these inorganic RNAs are in the bilayer particles of liposomes. These particles are released into the extracellular space which in many cases requires entry into the bloodstream.

Can you describe how you did your most recent study on pregnancy complications? What did you find?

We collected multiple Get abortion pills in Dubai from different continents, from which we obtained blood samples. When we had the samples, we also had the clinical data behind the samples. The patient’s gestational age, the conditions of the pregnancy, and her state of health. Allowed these transcripts to be combined into the space.

Each sample produced several thousand transcripts, so we had to have the means to search for RNA. For patterns that were uniquely related to the results. We were interested in one being the normal progression of the pregnancy and the other preeclampsia. With this technique, we can search for patterns in these several genes. Find a few thousand and thousands related to the result. And then check and see if it is consistent across the database.

We were able to observe how gene patterns manifest in mothers, placenta, and babies during a progressive pregnancy Abortion Pills In Dubai Online. Once you begin to feel normal patterns of gene expression during your pregnancy. You can tell how long your pregnancy is at any given time by taking a blood sample.
This appears to be about as accurate as of the ultrasound in the second third. And then the third may be slightly more accurate than the ultrasound. From a blood sample taken from the mother, we were able. To obtain a series of genes that come from the baby itself. Especially from the fetal heart and gastrointestinal tract.

Preeclampsia Test for Normal genes

We used preeclampsia as a test because if you know what the progression of normal gene expression is during pregnancy. As it progresses, then if it is abnormal, you can tell if the pregnancy is at risk at some point. Earlier in pregnancy before a clinical presentation. On average, about 14 weeks before a woman clinically developed preeclampsia. We were able to report that she was at risk for preeclampsia.

When we identify a woman at risk for a complication. We first start a low dose of aspirin for her because it has been shown. To decrease the risk of developing preeclampsia.

With this test, we can facilitate further research on the actual therapies for preeclampsia. The reason for this is twofold. The first is that we have identified seven genes associated with an increased risk of preeclampsia. There may be medications that affect some part of their pathways, if not the genes themselves. Second, knowing the risk groups enriches the risk groups of preeclampsia. This allows for more effective testing of potential drugs.

What are the next steps in your study of preeclampsia and pregnancy complications?

The next question is, can we use this test to look at other serious illnesses. That would complicate pregnancy, such as spontaneous preterm birth or gestational diabetes? Based on that, is it possible that when a woman enters childbirth care? She will have an individual risk profile for herself? The prenatal course of the future can be much more individual, as this platform can begin to develop complications.

For preeclampsia, we would like to investigate whether preeclampsia can be more than one disease. We could then begin to understand a better understanding of what a person is. At risk for preeclampsia looks like, and what type of preeclampsia he or she may have. And whether it requires different preventive or preventive treatments.


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