Pros and Cons of Hosting an Automated Webinar


Webinars are the new comfort zone when it comes to hosting events. The reason could be anything from connecting with people to introducing a new product. It gives people coming from backgrounds a great opportunity to articulate the values their company or their product resonates with and boost the existing number of customers. Automated webinars have proven themselves as generators of automatic income with little effort. But, just like anything else, automated webinars also have their pros and cons and it is only advisable to understand them well and then make an informed choice while choosing a suitable type of webinar.

Difference between Automated and Live Webinars

Webinars are mostly classified into two categories– automated and live webinars. The difference is that in a live webinar as the name suggests the host presents live through an online webinar platform and candidly delivers the content, for the automated webinar the content to be delivered is pre-recorded and then re-shared with the audience in real-time through an online webinar hosting platform. It is truly challenging to execute both kinds of webinars where one asks for real-time commitments with zero errors, the second requires content that is timeless and can be re-published in such a way that people watching in real-time can relate to it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Automated Webinars

Since webinars became much more popular after the outbreak of the pandemic it was seen that automated webinars outshined as a great marketing strategy. It not just captured the business sector but was widely used in educational institutions as well. However, one had to ensure that they are well-informed about the pros and cons of automated webinars so that they could gain the most.

Pros of Pre-Recorded Webinar


One of the biggest advantages automated webinars have is that this virtual show can be used again and again without the hassle of recreating the whole setup and preparing the content to be delivered every single time which was a necessity for live webinars. For automated webinars, one just had to upload the recordings as per the structure of the webinar and the audience could watch in real-time.

No Stage Fright:

For some people, stage fright is not an easy thing to tackle, and this gives a lot of benefits to automated webinars. While pre-recording the presentation one can take care of the mistakes that are being made, in the final editing. One can always have a script that will help them boost their confidence levels and avoid stage fright. Certain clips could also be redone to avoid mistakes and to appear more confident. Live webinars, on the other hand, require the host to be candid and present the content live. Sometimes due to nervousness in front of a large audience, it gets difficult for some people. In such cases, automated webinars rise as a blessing.

Reduced Technical Issues:

As webinars are held online it is important that there is a fairly good quality internet connection and minimal technical glitches otherwise the overall quality of the webinar gets reduced by such minor problems. There is a high possibility that these technical issues emerge more in a live webinar and the host might have to improvise which may break the flow of the structure of webinars. Whereas for automated webinars one just has to play the pre-recorded version of the content thereby reducing the kind of technical issues which could be faced as compared to a live event. Everything can be checked previously and executed easily.

Accessible to Anyone:

Webinars provide everyone with the flexibility of connecting with people across the world but having an international audience also means that there will be different time zones that need to be taken care of while presenting a webinar. For instance, once a live webinar is scheduled anyone and everyone will have to join at the same time to attend it. But on the other hand, an automated webinar can be shared at different times depending upon the geographical location of the audience so that it is convenient for more people to join.

Cons of Pre-Recorded Webinar

Lack of Anticipation:

As much more convenient it is for the host to organize an automated webinar at any time and share the recorded video at any point. It is equally convenient for the audience to watch the recording whenever they feel like it, therefore, it leads to a lack of urgency among the audience which in turn could reduce the turn-up for the organized date and time of the event.

More Efforts Required:

After the recording is done, it gets really difficult to add new ideas and make changes to the recording so that it appears flawless to the audience. It could also get difficult to engage the viewers because there is expected to be no interaction during the automated webinar between the host and the audience. It gets challenging to prepare content that ensures engagement by the audience; otherwise, they might lose interest which could affect the ultimate goal of delivering the webinar.

Time-Sensitive Events cannot be organized:

In the fast-changing world, it is important to understand that there is always a new trend coming up every week and it can be overwhelming and difficult to keep up with it. Therefore, either the recording for the automated webinar requires multiple changes as it will soon become outdated which in both ways is a disadvantage of automated webinars. It is best suggested to choose an evergreen topic, which will remain of concern for a longer duration of time.


After keeping in mind all the above-mentioned points, it is believed that one can achieve a successful automated webinar by acknowledging the pros and cons and adapting according to them. Today various webinar platforms provide different tools which can be used to make the automated webinars more influential. Hence it is suggested that one should choose the best regular platform, like Dreamcast, which provides all kinds of virtual show services that are required to conduct and execute a successful automated webinar depending upon the needs and desires of the host.


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