Rise of Youth Volunteers in India

Online volunteering in India


India is a big country with the world’s second-largest population. It has the world’s seventh-largest economy. Despite this, about a third of the population does not have a place to live, food to eat, clothing to wear, or enough money to provide their children with the education they require. These flaws in our economy cast doubt on our country’s long-term progress. Especially when we consider it from the perspective of our youth.

Youth should be given all of the resources they need to become the future leaders of our country that we all desire. As a result, the government has begun several programs aimed at our country’s young. The best thing is that the government has made it possible for anybody who wants to assist or volunteer for such initiatives to do so. Online volunteering in India can be done by people from throughout the country.

Current Scenario of Volunteers in India

By the year 2030, India is expected to be the world’s youngest country. By 2030, the 260 million individuals ready to enter the workforce will be either the country’s greatest risk or its greatest advantage.

It is a well-acknowledged reality that country’s ambitious economic goals can only be accomplished by harnessing the huge potential of online volunteering in India is one method for the country to invest in its future.

The concept of incorporating young in overcoming India’s developmental challenges via volunteering is not new. India has a long history of volunteers via charity, mutual help, Indian society’s values systems, and religious convictions.

Volunteering Organizations You Should be Aware Of

Connecting with a volunteer organization and contributing to the welfare of the society while in India may be an eye-opening experience. Are you unsure where to begin? Here is a list of some Indian organizations that provide volunteer opportunities:

  • Human Wave

Human Wave is a community development organization based in Kolkata that performs numerous healthcare programs around West Bengal. Even in the state capital, they run youth projects and various online volunteering in the Sundarbans. You can either volunteer for two weeks or remain for three months. Pay a little price for lodging and meals to get started.

  • Robin Hood Army

The Robin Hood Army’s slogan is “Food for All.” This organization works to offer food to everyone in India and to address the issue of food scarcity. You may join the Robin Hood Army no matter where you are in the country. Volunteers in India are needed to collect food from restaurants and deliver it to those in need at night shelters, homeless families, orphanages, and patients at public hospitals.

  • Teach for India

Are you a good teacher? Teach for India offers a number of teaching centers around the country where you may put your teaching abilities to good use and help to educate and inform India’s future generations.

  • The Y.P. Foundation

In many places in India, discussing sex is still frowned upon. Children are being taught about sexual and reproductive health, gender inequity, maltreatment, and STDs by the YP Foundation volunteers in India. Know Your Body, Know Your Rights is a new initiative they’ve begun.


Volunteers in India can have a major impact on communities and volunteers. The youth of India are eager to participate in the country’s economic and social revolution. We must remove the barriers that prevent people from volunteering and capitalize on their enthusiasm.


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