What Is Selenite And Why Is It The Most Common Crystal Found On Earth


Selenite is a very common crystal these days, as it has so many different uses in all sectors of life across the world. It was discovered only 550 years ago and there is much to be researched in order to know all the uses of selenite and its properties.

What is Selenite?

Selenite is a type of mineral that is found on earth. It is most commonly found in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. Selenite is also found in other parts of the world, but it is less common. Selenite is a crystal that sometimes looks like a pink or purple honeycomb. The color of selenite can vary depending on the location it was found. Selenite is used in Crystal healing and energy work.

How do we know Selenite is the most common crystal found?

Selenite is found all over the globe and was most likely formed from the vaporized earth. Selenite is also a type of chalcedony and is used in crystal healing as it amplifies positive energy.

Who discovered Selenite?

Selenite was discovered by John Winthrop in the early 17th century while he was exploring the New World. It is sometimes called “Winthrop Stone” because of this.

Selenite is most commonly found on Earth in places like Brazil, Mexico, and Peru. It can also be found in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. Selenite is most abundant in Mexico.

The discovery of Selenite crystal.

Selenite crystal is a type of mineral found on Earth. Selenite is most commonly found in the US and Mexico. Selenite is a type of mineral found on Earth. Selenite is most commonly found in the US and Mexico. Selenite crystals are lustrous, pyramid-shaped crystals that can be clear or colorless. They often have a green tint, though this can vary depending on the source. Selenite crystals have been used in healing methods since ancient times. They are thought to cleanse and detoxify the body, and are also said to stimulate the Third Eye and eyebrows. Selenite crystals are thought to be beneficial for crystal devotees as they provide clarity of mind, calmness, and peace of soul.

Where is Selenite found on Earth?

Selenite is found on Earth in several locations, but is most common in the Selenite Hills in Butte County, Montana. The Selenite Hills are a mineralogical district located northwest of Great Falls and northeast of Schweitzer Valley. According to the Butte County Museum website, Selenite was first discovered there in 1868 by the Hitt family. Some small deposits were mined around Butte starting in the 1880s. By 1907, most of the Selenite Hills had been plowed under for crops because of its high value as a gemstone. In 1908, Mr. George F. Hunt of Great Falls discovered a substantial deposit of Selenite near Cascade and developed what is now considered the world’s largest Selenite mine there. Today, about half of all selenite mined comes from this one mine.

Where else is Selenite found?

Selenite is also found in numerous locations in Spain, China, Madagascar and Arizona.

List of ways people have used Selenite…

Selenite has a range of spiritual and metaphysical uses that can be divided into cleansing, aligning, and energizing categories. It is the most common crystal found on Earth, and has been used in energy healing practices for centuries. Selenite promotes mental clarity, strength of focus, and improved communication skills. It is also known to reduce stress and fear, promote creativity and intuition, and support heart health.


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