Side Hustle Stack: Platform-Based Work Opportunities


Side Hustle Stack: a catalog of stage based work valuable open doors. Not at all like customary work sheets, Side Hustle Stack advances adaptable work open doors that have lower obstructions to passage, going from gig work and side hustles to stages that assist with peopling start independent ventures.

While COVID-19 has prodded many individuals to search out autonomous work, assisting with helping work in a generally delicate economy, for some laborers, stage based work can feel murky and elusive. What stages map best to a specific range of abilities or life situation? What are normal income and what number of individuals are bringing in cash? Side Hustle Stack surfaces everything.

This site is a joint exertion by me, Brandon Handoko, and Lila Shroff. Also, in evident future-of-work design, we constructed it completely (as our side task) on no-code devices including Notion, Airtable, and Super.

Our Goals For Side Hustle Stack

What do we expect to achieve with Side Hustle Stack?

 Assist individuals with accomplishing more significant work. Stage based work is at this point not simply a transitory side gig, done briefly to earn enough to get by. As noticeable writers move to Substack and record quantities of makers join Patreon, we need to add to a world in which individuals can bring in cash living life to the fullest.

A piece of that cycle is diminishing the rubbing for matching specialists to stages where they can without much of a stretch outfit and running.

Enthusiastic about wellness? Cooking? Computer games? Side Hustle Stack takes care of it.

Support the ascent of miniature business venture in the hour of COVID. The pandemic has exacerbated monetary weaknesses for a great many Americans, yet the stage economy can possibly open thriving for a huge number of laborers. In Q3 2020, Fiverr’s y/y enrollments rose practically half, Etsy’s y/y income multiplied, and applications for independently employed organizations increased at the most noteworthy quarter-to-quarter rate on record.

Address COVID’s inconsistent gendered influence. In September, 865K ladies exited the labor force, 4x the pace of men. The pandemic has brought about an inconsistent orientation influence as ladies leave the workforce to take on caretaking obligations, and ladies are excessively addressed in businesses hardest hit by COVID. Stage work can address an available, adaptable option for ladies.

Give straightforwardness in the process of childbirth rehearses.

One explored device in the battle for the work privileges of stage laborers is online gatherings that praise local area and correspondence. Our data set gives a coordinated space to laborers to leave legitimate audits on working circumstances and certified input for different specialists.

Enable makers. While Charli D’Amelio just hit 100 million devotees on TikTok, most of makers are managing with a lot more modest crowds. Some of the stages in our catalog are planned to assist arising makers with building their brands, develop networks, and deal with different income streams.

We’ll likewise be distributing refreshes intermittently

(recently added stages and open positions) at this bulletin:


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