Some Crucial Facts to Know Prior to Get Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers
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Smile is the most beautiful feature and everyone wants to hold it for a long time. That is the key reason of the patient to opt for cosmetic dental veneers. Porcelain veneer brings back the beautiful smile in your life. By using it you can cover up any kind of imperfection and finally obtain the Hollywood-inspired smile. It is effective in covering stained, cracked or chipped teeth.

It involves the use of thin ceramic or porcelain shells for bonding directly to teeth surface. After the treatment is over, it will appear much like natural teeth. The customisation and undetectable feature make it high preferable amongst the patients. Continue reading this blog to know some interesting facts about veneer before you get it. 

It’s not single-time dental visit

It is not possible for you to receive the treatment in a single visit. Therefore, it’s baseless to expect to receive perfect smile in the very first consultation. It comprises of numerous pivotal steps.

Initially, the dentist will check whether you are suitable for this prosthetic treatment or not. Many times, dental bonding or teeth whitening can be the less invasive treatment for the issue you are facing at present.  

You get temporary veneers

Post dentist-consultation you will receive temporary veneer from them. It comprises of the liquid composite serving as major blueprint for observing the transformed result. This is necessary to observe the final result. With the use of temporary veneer you can decide whether you are suitable for this treatment or not! 

Veneers are not necessary for every tooth

People don’t see the premolars and molars but front teeth remain prominent. Hence, while you have any plan to have the grey cast opt for it only for the chipped front teeth. It will fit well with natural teeth and people can’t notice it at all.  

You can experience sensitivity to bonding

Rarely, you can experience the reaction within the bonding cement and teeth surface after anaesthesia which lasts for about 6 hours. Post-period you are on the adjustment period for the first few days. If excessive amount of cement is the culprit of prolonging pain then the dentist will remove it certainly. 

The gum will sore

Gums need a specific healing time and process after it becomes sore with new tooth reformation. In the meantime, use certain pain relievers like Ibuprofen for coping with the pain.

Veneer is like an investment

Veneer is an expensive cosmetic process due to the manual customisation before delivering it to the ceramist for copy.  

Veneers cannot provide permanent solution

The way you treat the veneer will expand its longevity. With proper care and maintenance it can last for long 15 years. However at a certain point of time, you need to replace and remove the veneer.

You will receive customised and new smile

Remember there is nothing like all-size-fits-all. Customised veneer addresses the smile imperfections and considers your preferences to provide a gorgeous smile. Mouth image is necessary for making custom dental veneer.

With treatment enamel will shed off

At the time of veneers treatment, a minor yet simple calculation can work for you. Dentist will shed off a little amount of enamel and it is proportional to density of veneer needs to install. But remember that enamel shedding will make the approach irreversible. However you can also opt for ultra-thin veneer sample which doesn’t involve shedding of the enamel.  

The process is painless

Although you will feel slight discomfort at the time of veneers treatment yet dentist will give anaesthesia prior to removal of enamel. As a result, you won’t feel the pain anymore! Many cosmetic dentists also make use of laughing gas (nitrous oxide) as dental sedatives to numb the area. So, there is nothing to worry about the fear. 

This one is cosmetic procedure

Veneer is one of the cosmetic processes which don’t cover by most of the insurance policies. Still, you should talk to the provider to know if they cover cosmetic dentistry procedures like veneers or not.

It can crack and chip

Veneers act similar to teeth. Therefore, it can crack and chip too. That’s why you should be a little careful at the time of putting on the veneers. Grinding and biting on the harder items can cause potential damage to it. Thence, before you decide veneer consider your teeth grinding problems.  

You should check eligibility for veneers

Even if you want dental veneer, you can’t receive the treatment without eligibility. Thus, you should undergo dental examination for the approval firstly. If you have decay or cavities then veneer is not suitable for you. In such instances, you have to look for other cosmetic solutions.  

It may bring some side effects

Dental veneers come with potential side effects. However, most of them are mild and so you can tolerate them easily for the first few days.

Ensure that you visit the experienced dentist

As veneer is under the category of cosmetic dentistry, you need to do it by an experienced and skilful dentist. Prior to finalise the decision have a glimpse of the before-and-after images of veneer treatment.   

Go for regular dental check up

In case you skip your dental appointment often then you cannot continue the treatment with veneer. Dental check up once in every 6-month is utmost important for this.  

Floss once daily

After having veneers, flossing becomes very important to remove the bacteria trapped in between the teeth where brush cannot reach.


Dental veneer is the answer to your desire of perfect smile. As of now you become well-verse with the veneer you can take easy decision if it is right for you or not! Make an appointment with the dentist to consult and take the most suitable decision accordingly.


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