The Rise of Truck Advertising in 2022: Why Custom Magnetic Signs for Trucks are Popular


In 2021, a truck advertisement went viral. That’s right, not a Tweet, not a TikTok video, a truck ad went viral. The truck belonged to a funeral home. The message on the truck’s sign read, “Don’t get vaccinated.” This simple but hilarious advertising line was appreciated by millions across the country.

The popularity of that truck advertisement proved that outdoor ads are still extremely popular among the masses. That’s why, in 2022, many companies are investing in truck advertising. Here are a few reasons why truck advertising is exploding in popularity.

The Rise of Truck Advertising

The recent rise of truck advertising stems from the never-ending love that people have for billboard ads. People love staring at large, well-designed billboard ads. Truck ads are just like billboards, only better. How? Well, they’re mobile. Truck ads aren’t static like billboard ads.

They move around from place to place, engaging with different sets of customers in different locations. These ads give smaller companies the chance to share their brand messages to larger audience groups.

The funeral home that went viral because of its truck advertising isn’t a big company. It’s a small, locally-owned business. Other similar businesses too can benefit similarly by investing in truck advertising. That’s why truck advertising is seeing a rise in popularity in 2022.

How to Create Truck Advertising?

Billboards have an inescapable presence on the road. Truck ads can have a similar presence if they’re designed properly. But how can you convert a standard truck into an eye-catching mobile billboard? Well, the solution is simple.Cover your company’s trucks with low-cost, custom-designed magnetic signs for trucks.

There are many sellers who offer customizable magnetic signs. Brand leaders can easily custom-print (online) their brand’s logo, marketing messages, etc., on these magnetic signs. They can deliver their brands’ messages to large groups of people in different locations.

Most Cost-Effective Outdoor Advertising Tool

Truck advertising is popular because it’s easy to order and install custom magnetic signs on trucks. But, their popularity is aided by the fact that they’re highly cost-effective. Truck advertising campaigns can increase your annual sales by more than 100%.

  • Compare that to the costs of custom magnetic signs. It’s the steal of the year. Custom magnetic signs don’t cost much. Small companies can easily custom-create and order hundreds of these magnetic signs without spending too much.
  • Plus, these signs are typically made of durable magnetic sheets. They don’t get damaged by rainfall, sunlight, or pollution. Technically, brand leaders can use their custom truck magnet signs for several years.

Given the low upfront costs of these magnetic signs, that’s a super return on investment.

A Unique Approach to Marketing

Despite being highly effective, truck advertising is still relatively rare. Not all brands engage in this form of advertising (especially the ones that invest in digital marketing). That’s why, for the average customer, seeing a truck ad is still a rare experience. Brand leaders can make the most of these experiences by installing colorful magnetic signs on their trucks.

Truck advertising is a highly effective marketing tactic. Its popularity will only increase in the coming years.


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