These 7 Yoga asana are helpful to remove thyroid

These 7 Yoga asana are helpful to remove thyroid
These 7 Yoga asana are helpful to remove thyroid

Thyroid Disorder, which affects thyroid gland. Thyroid is a gland butterfly and is located in front of the throat. Thyroid gland has a key role to meet the metabolic procedures occurring in our entire body. Different types of thyroid disorders damage the body in many ways. The direct connection between the hypothyroid jam and tension / stress / stress is found. But some yoga asana believe that they are able to make thyroid balance in the body, then they want to be overactive or underactive.

It has been revealed by many studies that yoga has a positive effect in improving the function of the thyroid. That is why I will tell you about 7 such rugs in this article, which can help in making a thyroid balance in the body.

What is the thyroid gland?

The thyroid gland, our body is located right below the bulge built in the Hose or Trachea. Tissue (isthmus) is called Tissue in the middle of the glimpse. Two thyroid lobes are connected on both sides. Using the thyroid gland, iodine produces many essential hormones, thyroid hormones are essential for normal functioning of body parts.

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Problems from Thyroid:

When thyroid hormone increases, it is called hyperthyroidism. This is only one of two people. There are symptoms, even after eating the human weight is losing, the sleep increases, the heart rate increases, the temperature of the body feels more but the normal comes to the investigation, it is shivered in hand feet. But in most people the level of thyroid is less, which is called hypothyroidism. There are symptoms, the human becomes fat, becomes sluggish, the brain becomes weak, heaviness comes in the body, energy decreases, feels exhaustion.

Hyperthyroidism is likely to have Atrial Fibrillation, osteoporosis and fracture in the body. Due to hypothyroidism, Myxedema Coma is likely to happen.

The most common cause of thyroid problems are Autoimmune Thyroid Disease (AITD). This is a genetic problem. In this problem the body’s immune system starts producing antibodies. Due to this situation, thyroid glands start producing more hormones than necessary.

Symptoms of thyroid:

Hyperthyroidism or weight loss in extreme active thyroid, heat more, do not sleep properly, very thirsty, plenty of sweating, hand vibration, heart fast beats, weakness, anxiety and insomnia. While there are sluggish, fatigue, constipation, slow heart rate, cold, dry skin, hole in hypothyroidism, and symptoms of impotence.

Yoga for Thyroid

In order to solve the problem of thyroid in yoga science, the practice of such rugs has been suggested which excites the throat. It is believed that circulation is better in the throat with practice of these rugs and the flow of energy around the thyroid increases. These seat increase stretch and strength in the throat.

1. Salamba Sarvangasana Yoga

Salamba Sarvangasana is considered the best posture to benefit in the treatment of thyroid. Since the body gets reversed in this posture, blood flow increases towards the upper part of the body. It is believed that it regularly produces the production of hormones from thyroid. Apart from this, chin in this seat makes pressure on your chest. It is believed that these conditions help improve the function of thyroid.

2. Halasana Yoga

It is believed that your thyroid gets the same energy from Halasana. Practice of Halasan is easier than Sultaal Parvasan. If there is a problem during the practice of this posture, you can also use pillows under your feet.

3. Matsyasana Yoga

During the practice of Matsason, the body is in the currency of fish. Taxon is called the opposite posture of salacal soul. It is far easier and can be done without any additional help.

Masturban and Salamb are considered to be the most effective yoga in the treatment of thyroid problems. Head in Matteson bends on the back and makes pressure on the throat. This stimulates the thyroid by making pressure on the throat.

4. Viparita Karani

Viparita Karani asana actually compensates for the damage done to the body by the thyroid. This asana does not put pressure on the neck and is perfect for most people. This asana increases the positive energy in the body and brings back the balance.

Do this asana for not less than 5 minutes and not more than 20 minutes. This asana can help in relieving tension/stress or stress by removing thyroid imbalance.

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5. Naukasana Yoga

During the practice of Naukasana, the body is in the position of a boat. The practice of Naukasana creates positive pressure on the throat of a thyroid patient. Practice this mudra for one minute. Keep breathing continuously while practicing Naukasana. If there is a problem in the practice of this asana, then you can also bend your knees.

6. Ustrasana

During the practice of Ustrasana, the body forms a camel pose. During the practice of this asana, there is a lot of pressure on the neck, this asana stimulates the thyroid gland and helps in increasing the production of hormones.

7. Bhujangasana

By the practice of Bhujangasana, there is a slight pressure on the thyroid gland. This asana is considered very effective in removing the problem of thyroid, Bhujangasana is the 8th of the 12 asanas of Surya Namaskar.

Bhujangasana also known as Sarpasana, Cobra Asana or Snake Pose, in this posture the body forms the shape of a snake, this asana is done by lying on the ground and bending the back. While the head is in the position of the raised hood of the snake.

Keep These Precautions While Doing Yoga:

Always keep in mind the limitations of your body while doing yoga. If there is any pain in doing yoga, then never do it. According to your need, it is okay to change the posture a little. You do not need to do all these asanas at once, you can also practice one or two asanas throughout the day.

Apart from this, all the asanas should be practiced under the supervision of a skilled yoga teacher. You can practice any of the above asanas depending on the convenience of your body.

Please consult your doctor before doing any yoga posture. Tie the knot that yoga asanas cannot correct thyroid imbalances. Yoga is considered adjuvant therapy. It cannot be a substitute for any therapy or medicine.


Regular practice of all or some of these asanas can help you improve thyroid function. Do that asana which makes you feel good by doing it every day. Do not try to do asanas in the beginning. Increase the practice a little bit daily. Once you are comfortable with the practice of these yoga asanas, you will soon be able to do other difficult yoga asanas easily.


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