Things You Should Know Before Buying Mini Bongs


A bong is a device designed to smoke and enjoy cannabis. Thanks to the reduced stigma around smoking marijuana, and the consequent legalization of it in several US states, these smoking tools have grown in popularity.

All bongs work the same. There is usually a container tube for water, a container for cannabis, and a pipe for heat. You just have to heat the herb and inhale the smoke on the other side. The water acts as a coolant and filter for the smoke, making it easier to inhale by removing all the toxins.

These bongs also come in different sizes, so you can always opt for a minibong if you’re just starting out, or if you’re looking for something that’s easy to carry around safely and discreetly.

How to Use a Mini Bong?
The first thing before using it is to fill the container with enough water. If you pour too much water, it will come out when the smoke rises. If you pour too little water, then you will have less smoke.

The next thing to do is fill the bowl with a sufficient amount of cannabis or marihuana. Then, when the containers are ready, grab a lighter and light the bowl. You can smoke through the mouthpiece. However, don’t inhale the smoke too fast. Pass some air through your mouth, and the water bubbles in the bowl to produce the smoke. Now you can inhale the smoke by lifting the bowl.

Materials to Look for When Buying Mini Ones
You will find mini ones in different sizes, designs, and materials. But the most popular devices are made with glass, ceramic, silicone, and acrylic. You can buy any of these based on your needs.

Glass: These are the most popular ones. The material provides a clean and pure taste. It is also safer and doesn’t crack due to high pressure. Make sure your smoking device is manufactured using borosilicate glass, as it is more durable and also has a low thermal conductivity, which further adds to its longevity.

Ceramic: These ceramic ones are not as durable as glass. However, the taste of the smoke is okay.

Acrylic: This is the cheapest type of bong, and as an additional benefit, it looks exquisite enough to serve as a showpiece on your shelf or table. However, it is less versatile, and it is challenging to add percolators to the device.

Silicone: Silicone is easiest to clean because the material is relatively lightweight. They are durable, customizable, perform well, and are available at reasonable prices. So, everyone can opt for it.

Are Mini Bongs Better than Joints and Bowls?
When smoking through a joint or bowl, the experience is not as good. A bong provides a smoother, more relaxed, and good smoking experience. It has water that doesn’t make the smoke dry.

While joint hits are not harsh, they are still dry, meaning not everyone likes them. For people who don’t like joints, bongs can be an ideal alternative.

Types and Designs of a Mini Bong
You will find bongs of various sizes, materials, and colors in the market. Different types of bongs, like the carburetor, straight-faced, beaker-shaped, round-base-shaped, etc., are available. Nowadays, people mostly use minibongs for consumption because they come in smaller sizes, making them more compatible for travel.

Cannabis and bongs are meant for recreation. So, it wouldn’t hurt to try out different things before you settle down on a device that suits your needs and budget.


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