Top 6 Best Quality Activewear Brands for Women 2021


The reason behind the evolution of workout clothes for women. From being simply gym wear to a broad spectrum of apparel used for almost all recreational activities. There are multiple factors for it. Some blame the Covid- 19 lockdown. Saying that wearing activewear in the house all day led to becoming trendy casual wear. While others blame the modern lifestyle, by saying that nowadays people demand clothes that are worn in various environments. There is no single black-and-white reason. But one thing for certain is that women’s gym wear is not only comfortable, flexible, and fashionable. But also makes you look and feel confident in your own body. Making it ideal lounge wear.

The list below includes our roundup of the top six best activewear brands for women. Which will surely match your aesthetics. And prepare you for any kind of exercise.


Workout clothes for women that enable you to party hard and work harder are the forte of SQUATWOLF. Women’s gym wear designed to elevate your stamina. While reducing irritation, and enhancing your overall workout experience. This is the strong point of this brand. Their line of gym clothes. For women consists of various unique outfits. Each innovated to help you get the most out of your choice for workout. Among them, the ‘Performance Catsuit’ is an eye- catcher. Engineered with a seam- free waist. In order to provide you with free and unrestricted mobility. Whilst also being odour- free and sweat- wicking. Which is optimum for high- impact workouts.

SQUATWOLF’s gym wear is made to allow you to work in the gym productively. Whilst is also comfortably and elegantly transitioning into any other sort of environment.


Activewear focused on performance and ease of movement is the aim of Outdoor Voices. Their workout clothes for women are made. For heavy gym sessions as well as outdoor exercises. Such as jogging and traveling. Moreover, they have introduced several series of activewear. Aimed at outdoor activities including, ‘OV Run’, ‘Take a hike’, and ‘The Rectrek’. Which offer high-quality apparel specially created to facilitate you in your travel spurs. These consist of garments with distinct features. Such as extra air- tight pockets, zip- off options, and fabric. That is water-resistant, sweat- reducing, and quick-drying.


A brand that produces gym wear for women. Which is made from soft material. And is tested in all sizes to ensure a proper and good fitting. With the latest technology. Beyond Yoga is continuously evolving to reduce. Its environmental footprint. Their latest collection of workout clothes for women is made from ‘Tencel’. Which is a wood- based fiber processed from Beechwood trees. These Beechwood forests are properly managed. And their yield is 2x higher than. That of cotton plants whilst requiring less fertilizer. Beyond Yoga enables you to hit the gym with a clear conscience.


Luxuriously soft, chafe-free, and highly stretchable material. Is the foundation of the women’s gym wear line by VIE ACTIVE. This brand produces figure-hugging apparel that can be worn not only while working out but also during your happy hours. This brand’s workout clothes for women are made with certain distinct characteristics. Including a wide gusset, sweat-reduction fabric, flat waistbands, and SPF 30. Making all your exercises hassle-free and motivating you to perform your best, both inside and outside the gym.


Alo stands for Air Land Ocean. An eco-conscious brand that produces top-notch gym wear for both men and women with yoga apparel and accessories being their main area of expertise. Their yoga wear aims to instill and enable mindful movement. Which can lead to a better and healthier lifestyle. Their workout clothes for women are a mixture of fashion and intricate designs. Leading to comfortable apparel that can be worn. While going to both the gym and the streets. Moreover, their clothing is designed according to different types of exercise routines. Such as cardio, running, Pilates, and more. Aiming to deliver to you the best activewear according to your individual needs.


Under Armour is a brand supported by top fitness celebrities including Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’. Optimum performance- oriented fabric designed to be highly durable and supportive. Molding your posture even during the most arduous of exercises. Is what this brand’s line of women’s gym wear has to offer. Their workout clothes for women. Consist of a group of apparel titled ‘UA Rush’. It is created using the best sports innovation techniques to enable you to achieve new best records during your gym sessions.


Whatever the reason behind the sudden hype for activewear might be but one thing guarantee is that this list will enable you to be the best version of yourself whether it be a casual date or an exhaustive workout. SQUATWOLF will always have your back with their trendy and diverse apparel, making them top this list, so don’t get behind on latest fashion trends, and check their amazing gym wear.


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