Top Hair Style Trends to Follow in Dubai this 2022

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Are you looking for a new haircut this season? Bringing some positive change to your life is always encouraging. The best way to do this is to opt for a new hairstyle that suits your personality and boosts your confidence. Minimalistic hairstyles were all in rage in 2021. Contrary to that, 2022 will be all about the maximalists approach. We understand that bringing such change to your personality is quite a big step. That is why you need the best hair salon in Dubai to go through this change. 

If you are wondering about which hairstyle to choose, we have got you covered. We have compiled this list of hair trends that will be popular in 2022.

So let’s get started with our list!

Blonde Hairstyle

The classic and timeless blonde hairstyle has been in trend for more than centuries. When it comes to hair styling it cannot get more versatile than blondes. Different lengths, cuts, and bangs of golden hairs can bring out the best in your personality. Choose a shade of blonde hair that suits your style and color palette. 

Hair salons such as Rami Jabali offers you blonde waves with ash brown lowlights and much more. So get your wavy hairstyle and blonde highlights right away.

Curtain Bangs

You must be asking by now, curtain bangs really? To be honest curtain bangs will always be in style. Time will remember them as one of the defining hairstyles of this generation. Curtain bangs are without a doubt the hottest, beautiful, hot, and rocking hairstyle. People just can’t get enough of it. Bangs are a perfect choice if you want to make a bold statement and exude confidence. To keep it fresh you can try to mix it up with different things. This way they look won’t get old. 

Recently a new form of bangs was introduced. This revolutionary trend has taken over each head. Pair your curtain bangs with a messy top knot and just wait for the magic to happen. Countless celebrities have requested that their hairstylist create a look with curtain bangs. The curtain bangs have a stunning look to them.

Classic Bob

You might already have a bob over the years. If you’ve had a bob for a while, it was probably long, layer-free, blunt, and clean-edged. The classic layered bob, on the other hand, is making a comeback in 2022. With so many types and lengths to select from, there is a bob haircut for every woman. With a tinge of femininity, it’s a cutting that’s both modern and stylish. It’s also easy to maintain and adds a pop of color to your outfit.

Curly Shag

In 2022, the curly shag is making a comeback. It’s fashionable, and the revolutionary new styles give you an exquisite, sophisticated look.

One of the most popular and often seen haircuts is the freshly made elegant look.

The shag cut has taken over as a very interesting manner of changing lengths and bangs as more ladies accept the curls after lockdown. It’s all done while you maintain your cool and lived-in appearance. You can choose from a variety of lovely textures in the Curly shag. All of this adds to the excitement of your appearance.

Wispy Waves

Wispy hair is really popular this season. A wispy style can be worn by anyone with any hair type or texture. The versatility of tousled, undone, wild waves appeals to many people; they’re the perfect blend of effortless and stylish, which is why they’re so popular. Instead of a poker-straight mane, strive for soft, teased-out waves in 2022. Because it is groomed but not finished, this look will strike a balance between overdone and fresh out of bed.

Pastel Balayage

Hair colors that are far from natural have been making a comeback in the mainstream since the mid-2010s. The playful trend has been tried by everyone from Jourdan Dunn to Helen Mirren. Pastel colors are expected to make a reappearance in 2022, but with a more reasonable update. The balayage technique, which replaces traditional foils with freehand painting to avoid carrying the color to the roots, ensures that the color remains vibrant long after it has faded or grown out.

Chandelier Layers

Long chandelier layers define without losing length, while choppy bangs attract attention to your eyes and give your look a retro feel. You have the best of both worlds. Long layers can be accentuated with a thicker, less dramatic bang.

Not only did the hairdo seem modern, but it also had a nostalgic vibe about it. This hairstyle’s best characteristic is that it defines the face without requiring you to sacrifice length.

Invisible Layers

While the term “layers” may conjure up visions of a jagged cut requiring a variety of styles, the method has evolved in recent years and now involves significantly less effort. Use “invisible layers” to bring that overall cool-without-trying vibe to your haircut in a really current style, with no heavy layers insight. The most recent kind of layering is a tiny angle around your face, usually starting about your chin and moving down to the length.

Pixie Cut

Short hair is no longer associated with being boring. With today’s tapered or undercut cuts, the extra lift and volume may be imparted precisely where you want it. Asymmetrical hairstyles with longer side bangs are still fashionable, and you can always complete your look with a particular touch, like fluffy layers or bright peek-a-boo highlights.

Short Cut In The Front Long In The Back

Another wonderful ’70s-inspired appearance is the short and long hairdo. It’s an excellent strategy that needs a specific mentality that women desire in 2022. If you prefer classic fashion that makes a statement, this could be the long hair trend for you. The front layers are kept more prominent and defined in this shag haircut variation on the traditional shag hairstyle.

The fringe is given more attention as well, as it is cut longer and groomed to appear windswept. Allow the longer back layers to breathe, and promote waves with a little texturizing spray.


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