Top Single Page Application Examples Loved By Users

Single Page Application

Single Page Applications gained attention since JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS entered the market sphere. Today with modern technology, single-page apps are in demand and hold much importance. 

Single Page Applications are an excellent approach to delivering highly engaging and unique experiences for your users. It is a website/web app that rewrites the existing web page with new data from the server. 

It does not follow the default method where a web browser loads an entirely new page. So there is no extra time to wait when it comes to Single Page Applications. The page does not need to be updated as content gets downloaded automatically.

In this post, we have cited some of the top Single Page Application Examples well known among the users. So let’s have a look.  

Well-known Single Page Application Examples 

1. Gmail

Gmail is a Single Page Application that provides a web-based e-mail service. You will have storage space for your messages and search for particular messages. Gmail organizes relevant messages automatically within a conversational thread. 

While using Gmail, you do not need to reload the page whenever clicking the messages in the inbox. All the data gets loaded at once from the server. 

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is another example of SPA which is a visual discovery engine. It helps users to discover ideas for recipes, home decor, snacks, outfit ideas, inspiration, and much more. 

With billions of Pins, you will discover ideas to spark inspiration. When you find Pins of your interest, save them to boards. Keep your ideas well organized and easy to discover. 

You can also share your ideas with others on Pinterest by creating Pins. 

3. Netflix 

Netflix is a streaming service that provides an extensive range of the best TV shows, movies, documentaries, and much more on thousands of internet-connected devices. 

Netflix is a single-page app developed using the ReactJS framework. It enables users to easily access their preferred content without any hurdles. It helps the OTT platform deliver a large quantity of data to users globally. Netflix loads new data in the browser on a viewer’s new request. 

4. Facebook

Facebook is another example of SPA, which is a social networking platform. It helps users to connect and share stuff with friends and family online. The platform allows users to navigate using buttons without leaving the pages. 

When you scroll down to old posts or videos, you will get the newer content without reloading the page. 

5. Google Maps

Google Maps is completely based on SPA methodology. It might take a little longer to load but provide a faster and flawless response to users once loaded. The page will not reload if you move to Google Maps’ another feature. 

You can search and discover paths for destinations from other cities, you will be there on the same page. With the back button, you will return to the page without loading the page from the start. 

6. Twitter 

Twitter is one of the widely used online news and social networking platforms. This platform is developed as a Single Page Application which enables users to interact through short messages called Tweets.  

The app fetches all the new data into your feeds without any delay and offers a superior user experience. When you visit any page, you can return the latest viewed page without reloading.

7. Instagram

Instagram is a free photo and video sharing app that is also one of the most popular SPAs today. It will let you upload photos/videos and share them with your followers/selected groups of friends. 

You can also view, comment, and like posts shared by your friends on the platform. 

8. AirBNB

AirBNB is another example of Single Page Application that is an online marketplace for homestays for vacation rentals, lodging, and tourism activities. 

AirBNB offers you someone’s home to stay in rather than hotel stays. You can also explore any town you are about to move to. If you are looking for renting out additional space in your own home, you can use this platform to host. 

9. PayPal

PayPal is making financial services and commerce highly useful, cost-effective, and secure – thanks to a Single Page Application tool. The PayPal platform is encouraging individuals and organizations to join and succeed in the global economy by being a part of the digital payment revolution. 

The app is used by millions daily. It provides a unique experience to users by offering excellent services. 

10. Trello

Trello is one of the best examples of a Single Page Application that helps teams interact, manage projects, organize tasks, build team spirit, and achieve productivity goals. 

Trello offers a highly interactive interface based on a single view and demonstrates a great use case for a single-page app. There are more than 1,000,000 teams globally using Trello to move their work forward. 

11. Grammarly

Grammarly checks your grammar and spelling in real-time – thanks to AI, advanced functionality of Single Page Application, and Vue.js SPA framework. 

You can get real-time suggestions directly on Google Docs. it will help to make your writing precise, correct, and meaningful.

12. YouTube

YouTube is a free video-sharing platform built by following a Single Page App development methodology that makes watching online videos easy. You can also create and upload your videos to share among others. 

YouTube is one of the widely known and used sites on the web. You will find all kinds of videos on the platform. 

13. Google Drive

Google Drive is a free cloud-based storage service provider. It enables users to store and access files online directly from the cloud. It is a single-page application, so you do not need to reload the page while accessing the services.

It synchronizes all the stored documents, photos, and much more from any of your devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs. 

Summing Up

Single Page Applications are now a must-have for big brands mentioned above. 

By shifting their traditional sites and apps from Multi-Page Applications (MPA) to Single Page Applications (SPA), these industry leaders leverage high efficiency while offering a superior experience to their users. 


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