Triceps Exercises and Workouts – Exercise Technique

Triceps Exercises

Whenever you push something, whether it is a door, lawnmower, or stroller, your triceps are working for you. Having toned arms is essential for people engaged in such tasks that require enough physical labor. The triceps have three components: the long head, the medial head, and the lateral head. While doing triceps exercise, these muscles experience contraction. The trick for building a solid biceps lies in selecting exercises that create a force at all those muscles. In this context, you will discover a few triceps exercises that are pretty compelling.

Diamond Push-Ups

  • The diamond push-up is often the most strenuous exercise that requires extreme upper body strength, so for a while, trying this workout can help to make your knees and toes stronger.
  • Stretch out the legs. Keep it in a plank position and press your knees against the floor. You must ensure the back is flat, and the abs should come into action when you are moving your elbow.
  • At the lower part of the development, your elbows should remain near your sides.
  • Press back to begin, keeping the middle inflexible, and repeat the same action for 1 to 4 arrangements.


The triceps kickbacks are another essential triceps exercise. This exercise also activates the core muscle of your triceps. At the same time, bending in the forward direction, you need to balance yourself and coordinate your weight up and down.

How to Do a Kickback

  • Position your ideal foot on a step. Keep the right forearm on the thigh to benefit the back, or drop the arm below the shoulder directly.
  • Keep a load in hand and draw the elbow to the torso level.
  • Bend your forearm at 90 degrees and repeat the workout for 1 to 4 sets
  • Ensure to keep the upper arm fixed against the body for the entire workout session.

Rope Pushdown Triceps

The tricep rope pushdown is another great exercise that works all three tricep heads to build muscle and strength. Because this is one of the best exercises for overall Tricep development, it is recommended for all levels of training experience. And, by using a heavyweight, you can really isolate the muscle, which is ideal for muscle hypertrophy.

Rope Pushdown Triceps Instructions

  • Attach a double rope handle to the cable machine’s highest notch.
  • Stand with one foot forward for balance, grip the rope handles, and tuck your arms to your sides.
  • Then, by extending your triceps, push the rope down; however, do not lock out your elbows during this portion of the exercise.
  • Extend your forearms until they are parallel to the floor.
  • Rep until you’ve completed the desired number of reps.

Close Grip Bench Presses

Close Grip Bench Presses is another best Triceps exercise. But remember it differs from the traditional bench press in that you use a narrower grip to perform the press. This position emphasizes developing strength and size in the triceps and chest muscles.

The close grip bench press differs from the traditional bench press in that you use a narrower grip to perform the press. This position emphasizes developing strength and size in the triceps and chest muscles.


  • Start with flat bench station or a flat bench.
  • Place the barbell on the rack at the appropriate reach level.
  • Load weight resistance based on your fitness level.
  • Lift the bar with the rack’s assistance, keeping your arms locked and the bar straight over your head.
  • Rep the exercise for the recommended number of times. (3 to 4 time)

Overhead Extensions

Overhead Extensions are a great triceps exercise that can be done standing or sitting with a dumbbell. Hold the weight overhead by grasping both handles of the kettlebell or the inside surface of the dumbbell plate with both hands.


  • Bend your elbows slowly and lower the weight as far behind your head as you can. Keep your trunk upright and your core engaged at all times. The weight should be distributed in accordance with the path of your spine.
  • Then, at the bottom, straighten your elbows and return the weight overhead. Hold the fully extended position for a few seconds before repeating. Maintain a slow and controlled movement.
  • Always remember to pick a weight that is challenging but allows you to use good form. Maintain a slow and steady movement speed.

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How long do triceps take to recover from workout?

48 to 72 hours. It is determined by the intensity of your workout. However, only train the same muscle group again after 48 to 72 hours if your nutrition is on point.

Does muscle grow on rest days?

According to the studies, your muscles grow during the rest period between sessions, which may encourage you to take more rest days in between workouts.


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