Use CBD Vape Oil For a Long Relaxing Nap.


In modern times, with a hustling lifestyle, it has become complicated for people to manage their sleeping schedules properly. Most of the time, individuals often overlook getting the necessary 7-8 hours of sleep. This results in weariness, mood swings, high blood pressure, and other related health issues that might lead to overall physical and mental health hazards.

Not only this, getting relaxed, comfortable, and sound sleep is necessary to feel active, be healthy, and reduce the risk of several diseases. Furthermore, getting restful naps frequently can also be effective. Hop on to this guide to know how you can get soothing, relaxing, and restful naps using CBD vaping oil.

What are CBD and THC?

Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) are chemical compounds in cannabis or hemp. As found in research, CBD, unlike THC, does not lead to psychoactive outcomes. This means you won’t feel the intoxication caused by the chemical properties of this cannabidiol compound when consumed or inhaled.

Several medicinal properties of Cannabidiol have been observed in recent years, with few CBD-based medications being approved by FDA. Some of the products derived from cannabis contain minute amounts of THC. Additionally, some research suggests that CBD products do not lead to potential substance addiction compared to THC.

What’s in the CBD vape oil?

The general ingredients used in CBD vaping oils are processed to be used in vaping. The different cannabidiol oils include full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. While Full-spectrum vape oils contain CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids, the broad spectrum oils have no THC amounts present along with CBD and other cannabinoids.

On the other hand, Isolate oils are a pure form of CBD. CBD vape oil, also known as CBD e-liquids, comes in various flavors suitable for different tastes. The primary base components of this oil include propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, CBD extract, and flavoring substances, all of which are suitable for inhaling.

Is CBD good for sleeping?

Cannabidiol is a chemical substance that causes specific neurological changes in the human brain. It is included as a base component in several medications primarily used for behavioral therapy. The properties of this substance result in slowing down the excess creation of neurotransmitters and thereby leads to healthy sleep. 

The presence of terpenes, an aromatic substance found in most CBD products such as oils, yields the production of anti-inflammatory chemicals in the human body. This, in turn, results in a decrease in the stress and anxiety levels leading to a long, relaxing sleep. CBD is also known to reduce the chronic pain that keeps you awake.  

Why is vaping CBD oil the best option for a relaxing nap?

Vaping is a process in which you inhale the vapors emerging from electronic cigarettes or vape pens. The heated e-liquids evolve into vapor which is inhaled through vape pens. Compared to other forms of consumption of CBD, vaping is much more practical owing to its bioavailability. In addition, the inhaled vapor fuses directly in the bloodstream and circulates faster than any other form of such oils.

Vaping cannabidiol connects with the receptors of the Endocannabinoid system regulating sleeping patterns. Furthermore, most CBD vaping oils are odorless and require no prescription in general for minor doses. In contrast, other medications such as sleeping pills need a prescription from physicians and are typically harmful in the long run.

Top uses of CBD vape oil for sleep-related disorders

It is essential to note that sleep disorders often occur due to certain medications, mental disorders, and physical conditions. The use of this vaping oil helps treat the external aspects that lead to disruption of sleep. Some of the factors responsible for irregular sleeping patterns are mentioned below.   


Excess stress leads to the release of cortisol, a stress-causing hormone. People suffering from severe anxiety produce high cortisol levels at night, triggering sleeplessness. Vaping CBD oils or e-liquids helps relax the mind, which decreases cortisol levels. This reduces the brain’s alertness for better sleep.


Insomnia is often caused by excess stress, depression, poor sleeping habits, medications, or chronic pain. With its anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties, Cannabidiol promotes relaxation leading to comfortable sleeping. Furthermore, the pain-relieving characteristics of Cannabidiol reduce disturbances in sleeping. 

Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Behavior Disorder (RSBD)

Certain disorders such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD) and Parkinson’s disease can inflict sleep restriction and inadequate sleep. Rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder (RSBD) is one such sleeping disorder that occurs due to another disorder. According to a review published in 2014 and 2017, components present in certain CBD products, such as vape oils and tinctures, can control REM sleep behavior disorder.


Hypersomnia refers to excessive sleepiness primarily occurring during the daytime. Insufficient sleep, certain medications, and fatigue can stimulate hypersomnia. As a countermeasure, relaxed, consistent sleep with proper Circadian rhythm can aid against excessive drowsiness caused by hypersomnia. The circadian rhythm can be regulated by using Cannabidiol taken in the form of vaping oils.

How to use CBD vape oil for sleeping?

It is essential to ensure the proper temperature of vape pens to efficiently vape CBD oils. Ensure the vape pens or e-cigarettes are of good quality and have an inbuilt temperature control mode. Fill the vape pen with Cannabidiol vaping oil and set it to a temperature of 400°F for effective results.  

Inhale the vapor arising from the vaping pen. For a sound and relaxed sleep, introduce the vaping session around an hour before sleeping. The anti-anxiety, pain-relieving properties of these vaping oils can be used to improve afternoon naps and deep night sleep patterns. If you are a beginner, start with microdoses after consulting with an expert physician.


Most CBD e-liquids with 0.3% or less THC are legal under federal laws in some countries. Before making these vape oils a part of the sleep routine, it is advised to thoroughly consult a professional. In addition, make sure to thoroughly read the components labeled on such vaping oils. Most companies include misleading ingredients and information which might cause side effects depending on your body chemistry.


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