What Are the Main Post-Operative Instructions for Hair Transplant?

Surely, getting Top Hair Transplant Lahore is necessary if you want to enjoy desired results for an extended period.  However, it is equally important to consider post-operative instructions and tips seriously for better results. Your post-operation hair care routine plays a vital role in regrowing newly planted hair in less time. Generally, the major thing is to lessen complications and probable side-effects of the hair transplant.

The current article also provides instructions and tips to consider after a successful hair transplant.

Before that, let us unveil some other related information for you!

Hair Transplant: Things to Expect After a Surgery

If you take post hair transplant preventive measures seriously, there is a great probability that transplants become minimally visible after a few days of treatment. Also, they become undetected after 2 to 3 weeks of hair transplant. Generally, the surgeon gives you some drugs to avoid swelling during the treatment.

Rarely; a few people experience swelling on their forehead, nose and around the eyes after taking proper medications. But don’t worry; that swelling stays for a temporary time and starts subsiding after a week.

After three months, you can notice the regrowth of newly transplanted hair. It takes six months to speed up the hair growth process, whereas; after one year, you can observe significant results of hair transplant surgery.

People are more concerned about their already existing hair as they don’t want to endanger them. But some real hair may fall out in the initial months soon after the treatment. Moreover, the hair in the transplanted area of the scalp is thinner than your real hair.

The entire phenomenon is common, and everyone experiences this phase in the first few months of hair transplant. So, you should expect this coming and don’t worry about it.

Usually; a patient may experience the following symptoms including;

  • Bleeding in donor area soon after the surgery. You can apply medical gauze to this area to stop bleeding.
  • Pain in the donor area is also common. Your surgeon recommends you pain killer to make you feel better.
  • Tingling and numbness in the transplanted area are expected. It shouldn’t be a matter of concern for you as things start getting better after one week of hair transplant.
  • There are minimal chances to catch an infection after a hair transplant. However, if you still experience it, then contact your surgeon without any delay.

The grafted site takes 2 to 3 days to scab and generally go down after three to ten days. Remember, your hair can also grow with a crust. It is pretty normal; try to avoid scratching your scalp. It only endangers the graft’s survival.

However, if the crust stays for more than two weeks, then apply shampoo a little harder on the scalp. The first five days after surgery are critical; make sure you take the best care of your hair to avoid inconvenience.

Post Hair Transplant Instructions

The initial three days after hair transplant are very critical. So, work on these tips for better results;

  • Please don’t remove the bandage soon after the surgery, as it may cause severe swelling.  Also, don’t bend for a day or two to avoid bleeding. For this, it is suggested to keep your head high for 2, 3 days.
  • Use 2 to 3 medical pillows (after hair transplant) at night to swelling. Try to sleep on these pillows for 5 to 6 days.
  • Avoid use shampoo for 72 hours on newly transplanted hair as shampoo can adversely affect your hair follicles.
  • Follow the proper hair washing method being prescribed by your surgeon.
  • Discomfort and pain in the newly transplanted area of the scalp are normal. You can take medications and painkillers to feel better. Remember; only take the medically prescribed medicines for better results.

Instruction to Follow After 3rd Day of Surgery

The time after 3rd day of the treatment is critical but not as much as the first three days are.

You can follow these general instructions to feel better;

  • Don’t touch the sensitive area of the scalp. Wear or remove your clothes with care.
  • Surgeons prescribed vitamins for the better growth of hair follicles. So, start taking them without any delay.
  • It is strongly recommended to avoid taking blood-thinning medicines, alcohol and coffee for at least ten days after the surgery.
  • Avoid direct exposure to the sun as sun rays aren’t good for your hair.
  • After ten days, rinse off your hair gently with a chemical-free organic shampoo.
  • Don’t go swimming for a month after a hair transplant. The pool contains chlorine and other dangerous chemicals that cause inflammation in the scalp.

Expect real results, and keep in mind that your newly transplanted hair may take 4 to 6 months to start growing properly. Sometimes, it takes nine months to one year to experience evident results.

Opt for Expert Surgeons for Exceptional Hair Care

Getting hair transplanted from certified surgeons is safe and secure. Indeed, Lahore is famous for some top-notched hair clinics but we suggest you pick the best one after proper research.

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